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Sh. Abbasova The harmonious person – one of priorities of national idea of Uzbekistan
I.V. Aster Secular and sacred: whether there is a dialogue?
L. A. Gorelikov Russian name as ideological essence of historical fate of Russia
V. N. Davydov, V. V.Simonova"The Museumification of Nature": Environmental Discourse in the post-Soviet Local Museum in the North Baikal Region
M. M. Elfimova Psychological analysis of the problems of mental-cultural interaction
S.G.Ivanov From scholasticism to the science: the general concepts’s problem and methodology of knowledge of new time
N.S. Kudriavtseva Modern Museum: the problem of Social Value
K. Kuxo. About the tiny animals, sticking illness and implants of infectology.
R. O. Kurets Amateur theatres in Irkutsk region
J.V Lifanova The “spartan  myth” and his influence on Socrates: the question about the philosopher’s political ideal
V.N. Lukin, T.V.Musienko Globalization and international terrorism: Profiles and Risks Management Strategies
E.R. Menshikova Grotesque consciousness as a phenomenon of Soviet culture
D.A. Olshansky  Conception of Event in "Specters of Marx" by Jacques Derrida
Dimitrios S. Patelis Early and Late Socialist Revolutions in the Context of Logic-Historical Methodology
V.N.Sagatovsky The Dialectical Logic or The Alogical Becoming?
S. V.Semendayeva The pardon of the condemned institute emergency and development processes in Russia
P.I. Smirnov Fundamental social values: universal typology
S.L. Fokin Translation as a misfortune of Russian philosophy: on critique of V.A. Podoroga's mimesis concept
А.А.Tsurkan «Twilight of the gods: a new version»
T. V. Sholomova The ancient tragedy evolution and the “person of golden mean” as an aesthetic phenomenon


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