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G.O. Abdikerova Kazakhstan model of socialized personality

A.M. Anisov Text form as a means of idea justification

A.E.Ahnazarov  Phenomenon  of  law

P.A. Bojarinova,  O.V. Hazanov The Phenomenon of Religious Historicism: Jewish and Japanese Versions 

V.S. Danilova, N.N. Kozhevnikov  Asceza, communication and limit foundation of the philosophy 

E.V. Kruglova The problem of human aggression is in interrelation with socialcultural environment.

V.N. Lukin, T.V.  Musienko Modern Information Technologies and Netwar Terrorism Risks in the Context of Globalization

E.R. Menshikova Grotesque consciousness as a phenomenon of Soviet culture

D.A. Olshansky - The Main Rule of Psychoanalysis: From Clinics of Signifier to the Clinics of Jouissance

V. N. Samchenko Non-local communication: philosophy, mathematics and physics

P.I. Smirnov Norm: behavior regulator and one of the basic concepts in sociology.

S. V. Smyrnyh Philosophical problem of our time and method of its decision 

E.S. Strizhova - Is subversive repetition possible in gender theory?

R.A. Suslova Culture and anthropological crisis: current understanding

M.M. Shumilov Kyrgyzstan's role in realization of the US strategic interests in Central Asia in the contemporary world

E.Е.Epstein Russian political culture: traditions and the present

T.B. Jurtaeva The potential of cultural and educational space in development of moral and legal culture of a student-economist


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