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A.V. Berkovich, R.O. Kurets

The Performances On The Works By Alexander Puskin In Irkutsk

I.I.Bulichev, A.N. Kirushin

About basic logiko-philosophical constants communications theories

Y.D. Granin

Forming of the rassian nation: communications aspect


The phenomenon of Eros in the philosophical and aesthetic concepts of V.S.Solovyov, V.I.Ivanov, S.L.Frank: the dialectic of relations “I-thou”.


Self-identity of innovations and simulacra role in Russian real economy in the early 21th century

M.A. Kaliekova

The Organization of Islamic conference: problems and perspectives

А. А. Kovalenko

The activity approach to innovation management: social aspects

S.N. Kocherov

“Axiomologeme” as the problem of the theory of values


Pedagogical conditions of agricultural specialization specialist`s expertly-communicative competence formation.


The art of holding international negotiatios in diplomacy and policy


History of Philosophy as a Change in the Declarations of Intentions


Some aspects of formation of the information society in Uzbekistan

I. A. Pogodin

A virus metaphor of Evolution

V. N. Samchenko

Non-local communication: philosophy, mathematics and physics


Philosophy as Literature. About changing the format of the philosophical discourse

P.I. Smirnov

Main types of activity: its most important indications and qualities

A.S. Tabachkov

History and existence: an attempt of rationalistic interpretation

D.A. Himmatov

Some philosophical aspects of globalisation

K. G. Sheryazdanova

The development of Eurasian idea in modern geopolitics

V. N. Samchenko

Non-local communication: philosophy, mathematics and physics

P.I. Smirnov

Norm: behavior regulator and one of the basic concepts in sociology.


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