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A.V. Berkovich, R.O. Kurets The Performances On The Works By Alexander Puskin In Irkutsk

“The people's path” to Alexander Pushkin does not “overgrow”. On the contrary, this path becomes wider every year. The subject of the article is how the images of Pushkin's characters that everybody knows and many people do love have come and still come to the scene of Irkutsk. And saying "Irkutsk scene," the authors have in mind both professional and amateur theaters, and not only in Irkutsk, and the Irkutsk region.

BulichevI.I., Kirushin A.N. About basic logiko-philosophical constants communications theories

In article basic logiko-philosophical elements (attributes, the basic contradiction and structure) a phenomenon of communicative activity are considered, and adequacy of distribution of an information paradigm of research to last is called in question. As opposition of information interpretation of the factor of communications its understanding as process of an establishment of communication and maintenance of all-round contacts of the subject with object (including information) is offered emotional, and, first of all.

Y.D. Granin Forming of the rassian nation: communications aspect

The national (political and cultural) unity of Russia is ensured by bringing the communicational space of Russia into line and creating common symbolic sphere for all nations of RF.

N.S.Dzhezher The phenomenon of Eros in the philosophical and aesthetic concepts of V.S.Solovyov, V.I.Ivanov, S.L.Frank: the dialectic of relations “I-thou”.

The article discusses the phenomenon of Eros in the philosophical and aesthetic problem field of culture of the Silver Age. The author analyzes the relations of “I-thou” in the context of the aesthetic concept of V.I.Ivanov, dialectical constructions of S.L.Frank and the doctrine of love of V.S. Solovyov. The main objective is to show the features of the relationship of the creative process and Eros-love in the culture of the age.

A.A.Zakharov Self-identity of innovations and simulacra role in Russian real economy in the early 21th century

This paper examines key factors of formation and fixation of non-self-identity of innovations in modern Russian society, discoveres postmodern substance of simulacra concept, makes an example of its actualization in russian economy and politics through category of «innovation

M.A. Kaliekova The Organization of Islamic conference: problems and perspectives

The Organization of Islamic Conference plays an active role on international arena and has positive influence on the world geopolitical situation. The Kazakhstan’s Chairmanship in this organization gives an opportunity to develop peace and friendship all over the world.

А. А. Kovalenko The activity approach to innovation management: social aspects

This article deals with activity approach to innovation management issues and activity approach to this topic. The structure of innovation process and activity are viewed in this article.

S.N. Kocherov “Axiomologeme” as the problem of the theory of values

In this article the author investigates priority values, which characterize the innermost needs widely spread and accepted in different cultures. In terms of their combinations it is shown they are the orienting points determining the sense of being of their commonality and introducing it as inimitable sociocultural reality. This combination of values, set in a relatively permanent unity and mutually conditioned by the attitude to each other, is submitted to be named an axiomologeme and considered to be a manifestation of both basic ideals and inner conflicts of one’s community.

N.A.Kudrashova Pedagogical conditions of agricultural specialization specialist`s expertly-communicative competence formation.

The article discloses the problem of agricultural specialization specialist`s expertly-communicative competence formation and the questions of pedagogical conditions which ensure its effective formation, pedagogical conditions.

D.M.Mazshidenova The art of holding international negotiatios in diplomacy and policy

The article is devoted to the peculiarities and history of the negotiation processes. The works of François de Collier became the new step in the modernization of diplomatic theory and diplomatic service and give a lot for studying the diplomatic institutes, the technique and methods of negotiation culture.

V.I.Medvedev History of Philosophy as a Change in the Declarations of Intentions

The discussion of Rorty’s idea of philosophy as a genre of literature is hampered by the indeterminacy of the key-term “literature”. If we mean by this word fiction, philosophy can hardly be seen as its genre. If we call “literature” any text production, then not only philosophy but also science is literature genres. Philosophy does not lose now its role and does not hand it over to literature. Modern philosophy has different declaration of intentions in comparison with classical philosophy. Now it does not hope to be exact science. An essay becomes the characteristic genre of philosophical text, i.e. an expression of a personal belief, which does not pretend to be comprehensive and final analysis. Philosophy produces new ways to look at the world, new perspectives of interpretation.

X.V.Muksimova Some aspects of formation of the information society in Uzbekistan

In given article the short characteristic of an information society and its basic concepts is given. Also the basic aspects (economic, social, is standard-legal) formation of information society in the Republic of Uzbekistan are considered.

I. A. Pogodin A virus metaphor of Evolution

The postmodernist analysis of mechanisms of self and culture is submitted in this article. The original model explaining dynamic processes as a human civilization in general, and self, in particular is offered. The mechanism of cultural evolution through a prism of virus mutation is described. Resources of the offered approach for postmodern psychotherapy, psychology and cultural science are considered.

V. N. Samchenko Non-local communication: philosophy, mathematics and physics

The problem has arisen in Newton's theory of gravity. But still prevails in the physics of locality. He rose from A. Einstein, but Einstein himself created preconditions to overcome it. They developed with X-wave superluminal tunneling and quantum teleportation. Therefore, there are doubts about the theory of Einstein. The author shows that this theory is correct for your field. At the same time, the author attempts to chart the philosophical theory of non-local connection paths. This is the catalytic role of mathematics. Along the way, it’s proposed a new approach to the unified field theory, quantum gravity, dark matter and dark energy.

V.E.Semenkov Philosophy as Literature. About changing the format of the philosophical discourse

The article discusses the concept of Rorty's about changing the format of philosophical discourse. The author of the article thinks that philosophy is a good prospect in the mode of literary genre. The author believes that the relationship "teacher - student" is the most adequate for the preparation of the philosophers.

P.I. Smirnov Main types of activity: its most important indications and qualities

This article examines main types of activity (ego-activity; service-activity and game) that play a very important role in individual’s life. Ego-activity (activity that is realized by an active subject for himself) guarantees the existence of an individual. Service activity (activity that is realized by active subject for the other) gives the sense to the existence. Game makes existence joyful. Types of activity differ by particular indications: attitude to instinct for survival, extent of activity sensfulness for an actor, presence of regulating norms and systems of control, development speed etc. Relations between main types of activity and particular types of activity are studied.

A.S. Tabachkov History and existence: an attempt of rationalistic interpretation

The basic hypothesis of the given article is as follows: existential character of perception of the historical past reveal the important feature of existence itself – in conditions of the developed culture it is not limited by the space of personal existence and is capable to exist discretely in the discursively presented past. Existence of cultural person is exceeding the limits of individuality meta-existence, and as for such to it belongs a trans-individual historicity.

D.A. Himmatov Some philosophical aspects of globalisation

This article is devoted to consideration of processes of globalization. There are some social-philosophical aspects in understanding of these processes

K. G. Sheryazdanova The development of Eurasian idea in modern geopolitics

The article has revealed essence of the Euroasian approach in its philosophical and historical value. The states and peoples of the Central Asian region belong to Euroasian civilized to formation and have distinctive features of its joint historical way, mentality and world view.


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