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A.V.Bogomolov The division of the categories nothing and non-existence in the Democritus’ philosophy. To basing nonesseology's necessity.

The aim of this article is evidence of existence of the division of categories nothing and non-existence in the Democritus’ philosophy. The base of this division we can find in the philosopher's cosmology. And if Democritus affirmed non-existence’s existence then must exist the term which is meaning the doctrine of non-existence. In quality this problem’s decision we are proposing the term is nonesseology.

E. O. Vavilova General cultural competence as a factor of the development of multicultural student's personality

The article addresses the problem of the formation of general cultural competence in learning a foreign language. Foreign language and understanding other cultures is an essential condition for effective education of multicultural student's personality. Work experience in the use of computer programs that prepare students to use language in real life.


S.P.Ivanenkov Jubilees come and pass away, business stays 


J.V.Kisileva About the problem of critical thinking formation of students in higher educational establishment. 

The article compares the different perspectives on the concept of "critical thinking". The author expresses his preferences in the definitions, supporting his conclusions with examples from his own practice as a teacher of foreign language at high school.

V.I.Krasikov Discussions on Eurasianism and Forming of Eurasian Social Networks in the Russian Emigration of 20-30 Years of Twentieth Century.

The author explored the origins, history and inner sense of Eurasianism. He attempted to use a holistic analysis of this interdisciplinary project. There were identified the basic components of the project, such as: historical, philosophical, philological, state-legal and geographical. It considered the arguments of their opponents. History of the Eurasian influence on a subsequent development of Russian thought has been investigated.

А.Zh.Kuszhanova Bolognian Process Returns the Prioritysciences in High Schools.

The reforms in European and Russian education are directed on maintenance of its quality and competitiveness. They are turned to the higher schoo, because it integrates communication with science. However many principles of scientific character in modern high school practice are devaluated. But there are no another way as overcoming that antiscientific tendencies in development of the domestic higher school. 


A.F. Losev"Logic of Pure Cognition" by H. Cohen and neo-platonism (from archieve)

The article publishes archieve materials, which researches the problems of correlations betweenH. Cohen and neo-platonism

V.I.Medvedev Philosophy and Language: How to Make Language the Task of Philosophy?


The article discusses professor Fokin’s thesis that Russian philosophy should give up universalistic position and should realize native language as its problem and its task. In this article it is asserted that it was classical modern philosophy that assumed language as its task and that such position was essentially connected with universalistic pretensions. But non-classical philosophy doubts that the position beyond languages is possible at all. In order we could use language consciously and purposefully we should be able to take such a position. So rejecting universalism we hardly can hope to make language the task of philosophy. Philosophy is always connected with philosopher’s language and this connection can never be fully realized and consciously controlled.


V.N. Medvedev The Problems of «Dual Subordination» of Executive Power in the Regions in the Context of Public Administration Reform

This article focuses on topical issues of transformation of the legal status of bodies of executive power in terms of administrative reform and the separation of powers between different levels of public authority.

H.V. Muksimova To the question of legal maintenance of information security


In given article socially-philosophical, methodological and separate legal aspects of legal maintenance of information security in society are considered. Also the importance of separate subject matters which are teaches in high schools (in particular in Uzbekistan) is analyzed, and threat of information war in case of absence of "information immunity» is proved.



I.A. Nedugova Archaisation in culture: the consideration of the phenomenon

The author has developed the conceptual basis of cultural dynamics processes: expansion and compression of cultural field. In the article one can find the comparative analysis of the notions “new archaic” and postmodern. On the basis of the synergetic non-linear approach we have considered the patterns of existence of the cultural system. Expansion and compression cycles replace each other. When the cultural system is compressed one can observe archaisational phenomenon and while it is expanded one can notice the scattering – postmodern. We have worked out the system of impact of compression process of the system of cultural field on the illusory consciousness formation. The author has introduced the conceptual model of philosophical reflection over the illusory consciousness.



N.R. Nishanova Possibilities of women in the Uzbekistan education sphere

In given article possibilities of women-scientists in an education sphere and sciences in the Republic of Uzbekistan are considered. The material is supported with the data of sociological polls on some important scientific and educational problems.



N. P. Salokhin “Intellectual and Moral Basis for Creation Community Unit of Free Russia”

The paper deals with the postindustrialisation social process in Russia. The author analyzes the ways of building civil self regulated and self organized community changing both paradigms and management culture.

Government style of postmodern community must be subject-subjective and not lineate. Formation of democratic management is known to be not an isolated process. It happens in unbalance environment under the influence of authorized and democratic factors. The persons and the community rejects authority and tends to have equal social subject directing progress and demonstrating gnoseologycal expansion. According to the author's conclusion, the young people there are the important of community subjects in contemporary Russia. For instance, youth made sole proprietorship, self government, various free societies are not unthinkable without progress. Thus, intellectual and moral basis is the main target of free citizens in Russia.

I.E.Sazonov, E.E.Nenasheva Pupils' of St. Petersburg Relations to the Social Life

Here we argues the results of investigation of St.Petersburg State University Center of Employment and Professional Orientation of the Youth "Vector", which reflects pupils' of St. Petersburg relations to the social life


D.K.Smagulova, B.G. Ushbaeva The main trends of the development of Kazakhstan’s economy during market reforms

The article raises the main steps of market reforming in Kazakhstan and the most important events, which made the most positive effect on the economy. The analyses of Kazakhstani reforms as the sovereign state shows the step-by-step model of the Kazakh economical development.

P.I.Smirnov The evolution of society: the problems and the means of theoretical description

This article stresses the problems of social evolution description and offers conceptual means that could help to construct its theoretical scheme. It is said, that the easiest way to trace social evolution would be through the observation of person’s status change in a society.

Basic concept for making social evolution scheme is “ideal type”. The scheme of ideal types of different stages of social evolution is supposed to be made by using the elements of activity-value approach and the idea about home and market types of economy.


S. V. Smyrnyh Suggestion is the essence of altered states of consciousness as the inversion of the psyche

B.F. Porshnev discovered the principles that provide scientific explanation of many phenomena of parapsychology, which are simply different manifestations of the same law of inversion of the psyche. This article is intended to be a theoretical basis of a number of psychic phenomena related to the so-called altered states of consciousness, which remain unexplored white spot in psychology.

H.V.Sokiev Functional changes of the human factor in the information society


In given article features of functional changes of the human factor in an information society are considered. The separate moments of concepts of the person place in the information society of A.Toffler, D.Bell, W.Dayzard, J.Martin and other futurologists are considered and analyzed, and also disputable, utopian reasonings of aforementioned researchers are exposed to criticism.

O. V. Shelyakin A. F.Losev about music and musicians: «apollonism» and «dionisism» in creativity of the West European and Russian composers.

This аrticle is devoted to early works on music philosophy of Russian philosopher A. F.Losev. In this article it is considered the parity of the «apollonism» and «dionisism» in products of Russian and European composers of the end XIX of the beginning of the XX-th centuries (A. N. Rimsky-Korsakov, A. N. Skryabin, D. Verdy, R. Wagner).

 S. L.Fokine What is Russian philosophy against Russian policy today?

This article explores the links of Russian philosophy and Russian politics at the time of the collapse of the Soviet empire. The focus is on the apparent opposition between "talking" (glasnost) of politicians and silence of philosophers. This is a pause was held for nearly twenty years up to our time when appeared several books of Russian philosophers about politics (Smirnov, Podoroga, Pyatigorsky).


A.I.Shvyrkov  Lie of politicians and actors

The article is devoted to the problem of fraud among politicians and actors, considered as the discrepancy of theory and images that they follow and create in their speeches and their real actions. It is considered that supporting of these theories and images by politicians and actors meet the essential a priori desire of humanity to the higher degree of order and society structurization.


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