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A.V.Bogomolov The division of the categories nothing and non-existence in the Democritus’ philosophy. To basing nonesseology's necessity.

E. O. Vavilova General cultural competence as a factor of the development of multicultural student's personality

S.P.Ivanenkov Jubilees come and pass away, business stays 

J.V.Kisileva About the problem of critical thinking formation of students in higher educational establishment.

V.I.Krasikov Discussions on Eurasianism and Forming of Eurasian Social Networks in the Russian Emigration of 20-30 Years of Twentieth Century

А.Zh.Kuszhanova Bolognian Process Returns the Prioritysciences in High Schools


A.F. Losev"Logic of Pure Cognition" by H. Cohen and neo-platonism (from archieve)

V.I.Medvedev Philosophy and Language: How to Make Language the Task of Philosophy?

V.N. Medvedev The Problems of «Dual Subordination» of Executive Power in the Regions in the Context of Public Administration Reform

I.A. Nedugova Archaisation in culture: the consideration of the phenomenon


H.V. Muksimova To the question of legal maintenance of information security

N.R. Nishanova Possibilities of women in the Uzbekistan education sphere

N. P. Salokhin “Intellectual and Moral Basis for Creation Community Unit of Free Russia”

I.E.Sazonov, E.E.Nenasheva Pupils' of St. Petersburg Relations to the Social Life


D.K.Smagulova, B.G. Ushbaeva The main trends of the development of Kazakhstan’s economy during market reforms

P.I.Smirnov The evolution of society: the problems and the means of theoretical description


S. V. Smyrnyh Suggestion is the essence of altered states of consciousness as the inversion of the psyche

H.V.Sokiev Functional changes of the human factor in the information society

O.V. Shelyakin A. F.Losev about music and musicians: «apollonism» and «dionisism» in creativity of the West European and Russian composers.

S. L.Fokine What is Russian philosophy against Russian policy today?

A.I.Shvyrkov  Lie of politicians and actors




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