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           Kouszhanova A.Zh. State and education.
           The question is intercoupling a state and formation as two social institutes and two social subjects, having their own social functions and interests, own potential of activity. Their modern public value and role are defined that, is insofar packed each of they realize their own ideal possibilities, as well as insofar effectively and harmonious is created their interaction. State with respect to formation has much broader circle of functions and interests, than provision of financial and legislative base, which are now entrust on it. But this promotes its care from part of duties and loss of part of possibilities, that endamages to interests as states, formation, so and societies as a whole. Conceptual and is social-history analysis of interests and functions of state and formation in their interaction is denote article.
Solodkaya M.S. Responsibility of government, management and control subject: the state of the problem and the researt perspectivies.
           In this artical are observed various approaches to the determination of government, management and control subject responsibility problem and they methodological and social-philosophical foundations. In general all this approaches may be classified as the juridical, functional, philosophical and theological. The author of this paper produce the own structure of responsibility, which consists of the following five elements: the subjiect, the objiect, the instance, the aspect, the time and the area of responsibility. Analysing the potential states of this elements the author determine the research perspectivies of the responsibility problem.
Skopintcewa T. To the problems of folk tradition.
           This atticle deals with the problems of living folk traditions in modern society and its archaic component that is the most optimal is a special category that charactarizes the definite society and it is universal for all indiwiduals.
The main purpose of folk traditions is to mare a parson's life more Garmonic and to fe a barrier to chajs and eventulity.
Meshouthkov A.A. Phylosophical muthology or meditation syndrome.
           The article reflects a very important phenomenon of the social life - striving to a mystical comprehension of reality its phylosophical determination as a spiritual ideal of a human beeing
The author analizes tne muthological paradigm of this idea as it was suggested by a well - known psychologist St. Groff, different trends of phylosophical muthology that tend a person to tne meditation syndrome as a reintegrted state of human subjectivity.
Ivanenkov S.P. Problems of young people`s culture.
           In the article are generalised given sociological studies on the problem of satisfaction of certain circle of spiritual need of young people. Reveal priorities an youth auditorium in the consumption of artistic literature, difference of aesthetic orientation beside young people feminine and male sang, influence upon the nature and attaching level to cultural value of different groups young people depending on the type of settlement, in which lives a given group.

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