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           Ivanenkov S.P. Youth and policy.
           In the article are analysed given last sociological studies on the problem a relations of young people to the policy. Reveal some particularities of political consciousness of young people on the modern stage of development our society. Analyse main behaviour models modern youth and its political participation in present and near future waking process of development of our society.
Lyubichankovsky V.A. Classical type of natural science rationality.
           The question of the formation and development of natural science rationality in classical physics is being under consideration in this article. Simultaneously the analysis of rationality influence upon the development of classical physics is provided here.
Solodkaya M.S. Responsibility of government, management and control subject in law.
           This artical is devoted to the government, management and control subject juridical responsibility problem. Mainly there are analysed the methodological and social-philosophical foundations of the responsibility consepts in the criminal and civil law. Author of this paper reveal the connection between the consept of responsibility and the consepts of norm, freedom and causality, punishability, imputability. Also there are discuss the bases of responsibility, which is make possible to confirm the following statement: "The widening of the responsibility's bases is the result of expansion and power intensification of the government, management and control subject practice". Analysing the consepts of responsibility in the criminal and civil law author determine the actual value of such structural elements as the subjiect, the objiect, the instance, the aspect, the time and the area of responsibility and indicate the corresponding methodological type in the set of their potential states.
Goptareva I.B. Social exchange as a reason of conflict and as a way of its permit.
           In the article is undertaken attempt to explain a phenomenon of appear contradictions between powerful structures, on the one hand, and individuals, c the another,— as well as between different branches an authorities, frequent breaking a balance available at the disposal of opposite sides “services” and “concessions”, which value is defined by traditions and is social-political conditions of each concrete society.
Sokolova L.B. For The Problem Of Deepening Of The Approaches In Understanding Of The Pedagogical Activity.
           The author considers pedagogical activities as a cultural phenomena. The topic of the article is as follows: the whole complex of knowledge that is the essential of the culture of pedagogical activity. The criterion of the definition of the culture of the pedagogical activity of the graduating students of pedagogical universities is suggested
Kouszhanova A.Zh. History types of formation.
           Article opens a series of publications, denote analysis of history process of development of formation. In her is realize reconstruction first realize in histories of mankind of firm educational practice scheme - paradigms of traditional formation. In total reveal structured fullness of formation, comprised in need 3-h levels, - an educating, education and strictly formation, direct on shaping specifics of PERSON as purposes an socialization. Shown essential basis of efficiency of traditional formation in the lifestyle, traditions and experience of survival of community in its natural and social area of haunting.


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