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           Father Gzhegozh Rukshtello. Transformation of the God of philosophers to the God of faith.
           The article deals with the problems of influence of ancient Greek’s philosophy upon the formation of God’s type in Christianity. The questions of identity of philosophic category structure and theological concepts about intellectual contribution of philosophy in the process of formation of Christian theology as isolated field of knowledge are mentioned.
Solodkaya M.S. Professional responsibility of government, management and control subject.
           This article is the continuation of the cycle in which responsibiliti problem is investigated. It deals with the question of professional responsibility. Law responsibility which was analysed in the previous article is the means of the external regulation of the government, management and control subjects activity. Professional responsibility is the means of the internal regulation of the activity in the professional groups. This kind of responsibility is connected with the professional norms of activity. Analysing the professional norms of the subject interaction in the professional governer's, manager's and engineer's groups and norms of the interaction between these professional groups and the others the author determines the limitations of professional responsibility and potential states of the structural elements of responsibility.
Ivanenkov S.P. Young people and state youth policy.
           In the article are consider actual problems to realization state youth policy. Shown articularities to present-day situations and is motivated need of searching for new forms of realization state youth policy. Bring data on actual and possible participation of young people in deciding the own problems, its readiness will be comprise of existing structure activity, working with young people or become consumers of services, render by these structures.
Kouszhanova A.Zh. History types of formation.
           Subsequent to powerful Historically and efficient system traditional socialization has follow a new paradigm - a religious formation system. In new, less happy circumstanceses she manages to compensate a loss of former premiseses of stability an socialization and adapt an institute of formation to the new space of social activity. Article is denote analysis that, what image and what facilities by her this to manage to do.
Semenov J.I. One-Subject structures of nonreflexive type on base of twofold nature of badge.
           In the article are consider two types of one--subject structures of nonreflexive type. Under one-subject structures are understood structures, functions of all elements in each of which executes only one subject. In the base of first type of structures lies an attitude between the object of knowledge and objective form of expressions of this knowledge. This type of structures is part of the cognitive relations subject-object. For considered cognitive situations is offered changed variant of press theory of truth. The Second type of structures is part of the relations of marking between subject and object. Elements of second type of structures are "subject, which mark" and "subject, which mark". Particularity of structures of first and second type is that they are situated on ontical border of consciousness subject, since subject, executing in each of them functions of both elements, is a badge.
Kalmantaev B.A. A Press in conditions of crisis of society.
           In the article is shown that problem not at all in so name system crisis of mass media, but in the global crisis of the most society and at variant critical condition characteristic of each apart a take public structure, in which are simultaneously push two processes - a disinteration of past and shaping new. This phenomena has in mass media. In public life on absolutely objective reasons disappeared need for mass media totalitarian models, in Russia goes exceedingly complex rebirth presses as an independent social institute, but different manifestations these intertwine processes are presented by other analysts how aproximations to the catastrophe and mass media and presses.


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