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           The Problem of Common Education Efficiency (by the Material of the “Round Table”).
           Educational managers and scientists analyses the most actual problems of the results of the school work. The participants of the round table put forward the questions of the professional competence of educational stuff.
N.V. Smirnova. The Meeting of Aristhothel’s and Plato’s Words, or Transformations and Paradoxes of the modern education.
           The author of the article suggests the hypothesis of turning back of modern culture towards the Plato’s ontology. It must be done on the new circuit of the natural science development. Accordingly, the main problem of the education is the formation of the ideas of the word which correspond to word outlook of the end of the XX-th century.
N.M. Muchamedjanova. Humanization as Dialogisation of the Education.
           The author looks upon the main point of the tendency of humanization of the education as a development of cultural dialogisation. Using the ideas of M.M.Bachtin the author suggest her own point of view upon the function of the teacher as a mediator between the student and the culture.
L.U. Pisarchik. The Science in the Context of the Modern Culture.
           The dilemma “scientism-anti scientism” is in the middle of the article. The author open the sense of this problem, analyses the tendencies that changed the modern performance of the science and the scientific rationalization . He rises the question of scientific and extrascientific knowledge interaction.
E.A. Lavruchina. Adaptation and the Development of the Person in the Context of Education.
           The ideas of humanize psychology are put in the center of the author’s analysis of the problem of the personal development in the educational process. The main point of the culture-creative conception of the education are set forth in this article. The author believes that this conception can be the base of the adaptation and the true development of man.
G.V. Scheschucova. The Role and the Place of the System of Education in the Political Socialization of the Population of Modern Russia.
           The meaning “political culture”, “political socialization”, “electoral behaviour” are opened in this article. The intercommunication between the levels of education of the citizens and their political behaviour are analyzed on the examples of sociological researches, made in Orenburg region. The results of these researches are compared with the data of the western politic literature.
I.I. Kalina, N.V. Smirnova. The Innovational Approach towards the Management of the Regional System of Education.
           The main principles of regional educational management that provide the quality of educational activity are examined in this article. The formation of net management’s centers and the creation of informational sphere of education are propose as the elements of the system of management of the region. The authors open the main point of active-adaptation approach towards the regional management of educational system. It is the main condition of the process of rebuilding educational system in Orenburg region.
M.N. Fomina. The Dialogity of East- philosophical Thoudht.
           This article dedication about creative work E-H Galshiev His book ‘’ Mirror wisdoms’’ is reflection philosophical thoght and culture for India, China and Mongolia.


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