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           Ivanenkov S.P. The social orientations of young people and the problem of offenses.
           In the article is consider intercoupling the social orientations of youth and determined type of behaviours of young people`s certain groups. Shown intercoupling some types of crimes , made by youth, with concretical-history situation in the country.
Goptareva I.B. The mechanism of the resolution of conflicts.
           In this article are analysed the various variants of the resolution of social conflicts.
           Basic questions of this theme are:
           a) a structure of the mechanism of the resolution of conflicts;
           b) Control for observance of conditions of the resolution of conflicts;
           c) Interests and purposes of the participants a conflict;
           d) Special methods of the resolution conflicts: legal and economic.
Korolev A. D. On the Role of the Philosophical Concept “Not-Quite-Being” in the Formation of the World Picture.
           In proposed work latent condition of matter is consider as main. For the category of marking “Not-Quite-Being”. Consider its change from the traditional category “possibility”. Cite An Instance of the Not-Quite-Being in the alive matter “in the society”. Consider difficulties of perception by the person of causal relations in situations, in which impossible select a sole reason. New category “Not-Quite-Being” allows, in the opinion of the author, take a defect of into account human perception and thinking and hereunder form more close of the reality picture of the world.
Preloutskaya O. A. Socialization of population Fears
           The Psychological mechanisms of socialization of fears are: the activity, the contacts and selfconsciousness. Defensive - compensatory mechanisms of socialization of population fears provokes natural forms of reactions, behaviours and relations of people. Intimidating a country by terrify hereby and hopeles future become the most perspective business today.
Solodkaya M.S. Moral responsibility of government, management and control subject.
           This article is the continuation of the cycle in which responsibility problem is analysed. In it is considered the government, management and control subject moral responsibility problem, which is the means of the activity's internal regulation on the individual level. This kind of responsibility is connected with the moral and ethical norms of activity. In the article are investigated the various moral and ethical norms, which may be classified as the religious, utilitarian, aristotelian, kantian and future orientated. Each of this class of the moral norms produce the own type of the government, management and control subject moral responsibility.
Semenov Y.I. The truth-fern as an applicable characteristic for the perception of the badge
           The reflection on the structure and nature of the assertion shows, that it is a form of an objective term for correlation between the objective form of the expression of the perception and object. These correlation is based on the ideal or functional method of its determination. In this case the characteristic of the truth concerns not a assertion bat the objective form of the expression of the perception, when the last is correlated with the object. The other kind of the situation of the realization was shown here. The correlation between the object and the objective form of the expression of the perception on this situation is based on the existence of the one-unit system of the badge. In this case there is no necessity in the "inevitable" correlation (as well as in the assertion) between the object and the objective form of the expression of the perception.
Lola G.N. Design in the postmodern
           The article deals with the place of Design in the contemporary cultural situation. The author wants to overcome the awareness of Design, based on the scientific approach in the spirit of the Renaissance, and represents Design as an “outline”, as a “contour”. Such re-understanding of Design enables us to solve the problem of our adaptation to a changing world more effectively and realistic.
Beidina T.E. Geopolitical aspects of public development of Russian in the regional measurement (theoretical analysis)
           In this article there is an attempt to show the significance of the complex of regional measurings as independent geopolitical factor in development of Russia. There is the task to determin the hierarchy of geopolitical problems and describe geopolitical factor in the regional measuring. There is correlation between inwardly geopolitical field and outwardly political activity of State. There has been sumed of study the geopolitical problems.
Kalmantaev B.A. Russia press: from “big progross” to rebirth
           Author continues research a specifics of russia press. In the article in general plan are consider questions of interaction press with the artistic literature, is draw a conclusion on condisioned distinctiveness of russian press by particularities cultural-history development of country. Track some factors, stipulate conversion russian press in “mass media”, and is state standpoint of author on some particularities of russia press.


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