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           Scopintseva T.Yu. Folk tradition as part of culture
           The article is dedicated to one of the eternal problems of human worldly & reproducing of its meaning in archaic folk tradition. The common reaction to any of the crisis states expressed in regression, incident analisys, anology, problem formulisation as an attempt to rationalise the world apprehention appears in protomyth. Mythology includes both the cosmic paradigm & its detailed worldly expression. Myth is a fixed form, free of time, that operates mass conciousness. It includes several constants forming its root & a definite social & worldly structure. Not only static but a dynamic field of traditional mythological outlook with its rythm, circularity & cycles was needed to make it function at marginal, risking periods /periods of planet rotation & solstice/. Such periods are alive in tradition folk calendar up to ourdays. Mythology performs as inner worldly technology.
Popovich V.V., Moskvin V.A. Philosophic-psychological aspects of researching of the category of time
           In this work the basic aspects of study of time are considered from the point of view of modern philosophy and psychology. It is shown that in the science are presented, alongside with pure physical interpretation of the category of time, some notions of it as social, historic, existential, subjective, psychological and personal time. In this work is given the detailed analysis of temporary structures of a man as an individual, personality and subject of activity, through the consideration of three main trends of study of time in psychology such as psychophysiological, psychological and individual. The problem of time is also studied in such science as neuropsychology of individual distinction. In the work is made a conclusion that the problem of time is complex and many-sided. It is possible to decide this problem only with the help of deep and all-round study of all variety of temporary modalities.
Goptarewa I.B. Federalism as policy-legal and social methods of management of conflicts and as a means of their permanent resolutions
           Federalism has to do with the need of people and polities to unite for common purposes yet remain separate to preserve their respective integrities. Since that is the natural human condition, at least half the work of politics, it not 90 percent of it, is directed to somehow accommodating that logically insoluble problem. Under certain circumstances, federalism is a highly useful device for doing just that. Consequently, federal ideas and arrangements have emerged repeatedly in the course of human history as major devices to try to accommodate that condition.
           Besides in the article such problems are analysed as: а) federalism and genesis of a conflict, b) space as the factor of a public dichotomy and reason of conflicts, c) a dualism of the tendencies federalism , d) federalism as a democratic method of management of conflicts.
Lybichankovsky V.A. Norms of classical type of natural science rationality
           Only two forms generated by the classical type of natural science rationality are dwelled upon in the article and a logical scheme of forming scientific assertation and checking up the problems and tasks affecting the correctness of their definitions.
Solodkaya M.S. Moral responsibility of government, management and control subject
           This article is the continuation of the cycle in which responsibility problem is analysed. In it is considered the government, management and control subject moral responsibility problem, which is the means of the activity's internal regulation on the individual level. This kind of responsibility is connected with the moral and ethical norms of activity. In the article are investigated the various moral and ethical norms, which may be classified as the religious, utilitarian, aristotelian, kantian and future orientated. Each of this class of the moral norms produce the own type of the government, management and control subject moral responsibility.
Ivanenkov S.P. State and social protection young people
           In the article are considered main forms and methods of social protection young people on the part of state, public and other structures. Specified some new organizing possibilities for the efficient help to different groups of young people. Analyse results of structure activity, responsible for the realization state youth policy.
Kouszhanova A.Zh. History types of formation
           In this fragment of article is continue historian-theoretical reconstruction of main paradigms and formation models, is analyse modern formation system. Paradigm of formation as teachings was render concrete in ХХ age first in orientation on the translation of scientific knowledges, professionalization, shaping a culture of thought activity. Discreditation of absolut of scientific rationality newly has revive in formation an installation on "preparation to lifes".


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