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           Become humanism an imperative of ХХI age?
           Orenburg Regional branch of Russia philosophical society on the next meeting of town seminar " Theoretical basis of spiritual-practical mastering of reality " was conduct round table on problems of humanism.
Hadjarov M. Ch. The science in its rational development and axioloqical aspects of the knowledge.
           The paper is concerned with complex processes of development of the scientific knoledqes. The author put forward the basic principles certain type of the scientific rationality and the style of scientific mentality. The abovementioned style has evidently expressed axioloqical aspect and this last one attests on development of the scientific knowledge.
Sidorova E.V. Formation of "strategic thinking" - one of the modern trends in management
           This article is author’s summary of one of the most interesting trends in development of modern management: formation of strategic thinking. Strategic thinking allows for top management to detect and plan potentials of future success.
           This article highlights the idea of strategic management as a dynamic process which requires virtually new method of thinking, which in its turn based not only on the analysis of objective primary conditions, but creative approach of management analyzing developments of situation.
           This article compares influences of three different approaches: Soros’ reflective concepts, theory of Chaos and model thinking to form modern strategic thinking.
Puzanev V. S. "Landmarks" in evaluations of adherents and critics (To 90-th anniversary of collection of articles on russian intellectualses)
           Article is denote 90-th anniversary of output in the light of collection "Landmarks", initiate perennial debates on dug intellectualses in the russia society. Author analyses as positions, present in the collection,so and their modern followers and opponents. Castigate Standpoint on the intellectuals as on "spiritual elite " of society. Author defends in the analysis of intellectualses a principle of historism.


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