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           Nosova T.V. The problem of the scientific method in Strahov's phylosophy
           The article is devoted to the question of the interpretation of the scientific method in Strahov s works. This question is little searched.The scientific method, offered by the scientist, is based on the analitical way of thinking and includes definite logical methods. In Strahov s opinion, the method must have such features as logic, logical directness, exactness, besides, as it is shown in the article,- proveness. This method is universal and phylosophy is worked upon it.
Gabdullin I.R. The religiously-nationalistic aspest of the totalitarism and ethnic prejudice's fartor
           The main idea of the paper is that totalitarism has narrowly interection with such a factor as ethnic prejudice. The auther investigated some festures of historical development of bolshevism and fascism. Acording to the conclusion of this work the ethnic prejudices fulfil the role of original functional equivalent. The ethnic prejudice acquires its own meaning in the theory and practice of totalitarism not only by the power of its own nature but also totalitarism itself activates prejudices in public consciousness.
Nedorezov V.G. Specifics of technical knowledge
           Genesis of the early forms of the technical knowledge. Position of technical knowledge in the system of science about the nature and society. Nature to correlations between technical, scientific and unscientific forms of knowledges, and factors, influencing upon the evolution of technical knowledge. Particularities to evolutions of modern technical knowledge. Influence of modern technical knowledge on global public processes.
Danielyan K.R. Russia in context of dilemma an orient - west and some particularities of russian political history
           The article rises an actual problem of originality of political development and specificity of Russian political history. A special focus of this research work is the analysis of XIX – beginning of XX cc. and modern Russian philosophers' original concepts. The A.L. Yanov's concept of "Modern traditionalism and Russian autocracy", revealing the cyclical character and Eurasian dualism of Russian history, is examined critically and painstakingly.
Demchenko L.M. Motivation by K.Marx of Principle of delimitation is subject-property and specific-publical in “Economic manuscripts 1857-1859.”
           In this article the basic is shown by K. Marks principle of demarcation objectly & specific – social in knowledge & logical reflection on the essence of public reality in the economic manuscripts 1857-1859 years. Author reveal the meaning of this principle in the process of creation the logical structure of “capital”, also open the limited number of methods which is used by classic political – economy in exploration & learning specifically-social forms of monument public.
Naoumenko T., Ivashtchenko G. Philosophical problems of the theory of journalism as a field of research
           In our days sciences learning activity of some areas and directions of operation of journalism, have made rather large progress. For a further developpement of science about journalism it is necessary to improve it's theoretical foundation, which could give a capability to learn the regularity of development of journalism as integrated phenomenon. For this purpose the research of the present theory of journalism from the ground of social-philosophical analysis, with applying of a philosophical methodology based on the detection of an essence of journalism will allow to elaborate such a concept system of the theory of journalism, which will supply further development of this theory not only "widely", but also "deeply".


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