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           Krasikov V.I. The Consciousness of Mortality
           The article is devoted to investigation of the way human consciousness experiences the knowledge of mortality. The author shows that people go through some experiences that remind death. The knowledge of mortality is revealed through meanings of "existance" and "time". The author investigates different (mass and idealistic, western and eastern) treatments of mortality. Human mortality is comprehended in the ontological context of absurdity of imprisonment of spirit in flesh. Also the legitimacy of the ideas of similarity of human-being to Go.
Naoumenko T. Ivashtchenko G. Subjects of journalism
           It is very important for understanding of any activity to be able to determine the subject of this activity. To answer the question:” Whose requirements does the product of this activity satisfy?” is necessary to determine the subject. Social groups, realizing their requirements, conected with necessity to apply in theconsciousness of the masses their ideologies, are the subjects of journalism.
Tsaritsentseva E.V. The sociological information in sphere of the state government
           The article is devoted the problems of using of sociological information in system of state government. Author analyze contents of the notions “information”, “social information”, “scientific information” and “sociological information”. She emphasize opportunities and limits for including sociological information as a information resource in activity of governing organizations.
Solodkaya M.S. Reliability, efficiency and quality of government, management and control systems
           In this article are investigated the relations between reliability, efficiency and quality of government, management and control systems. The author realizes the historical and methodological reconstructions of the reliability, efficiency and quality notions development. On this basis she grounds the evolution of the control’s paradigms from the “efficiency” to the “reliability” and “quality”. The basic concept of the reliability theory and quality theory is the error. However this theories take different stands in the problem of error. The author reveals this differences and decrees the causes of the differences.
Smirnova N.V. The educational process as an object of philosophico-sociologic analysis
           The educational process as an object of philosophico-sociologic analysis. The article proposes the methodological problems of philosophico-sociologic analysis of educational process. The author looks at the historical way of the formation of philosophical and sociological education in Russia, defines the subject specification of these sciences in formation of the educational theory and classifies the main approaches the definition of the essence of education.
Pisarchik L.Iu. Humanistical foundations of correlation between science and art
           The problem of correlation between science and art in humanistical aspect is analysed in this article. Construction of integral pictures of the world within the frameworks of science, religion and art is the essence of cognizing relation of a man to the world. Scientific and artistic pictures of the world find their points of contact by means of a man: via social problems, meanings of values, etc.


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