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           Kouszhanova A.Zh. History types of formation
           Final fragment of article on history paradigms of formation is denote modern concepts of unceasing formation. Its peg - a conversion of formation in the way lifes, open to any new experience. But for its realization in the educational practice necessary determined condition - is social-economic, socialcultural, psychological and etc. At Prerequisites (for instance in present-day Russia), predomination of "factory" mentalitet of industrial society and consumer relations to the person this concept is render greatly transform, but idea of human right on formation was modify in the enforcement its to the surplus professionalization.
Meshouchkov A.A. The Buddhist Phylosophy: Religions and Mythological Foundation
           The author analyses the essential components of buddhism doctrine which is predetermined by the interaction of mythology, religion and phylosophy as three types of social cosciousness.
           An overview of this interaction framed into buddha doctrine is aimed at its conceptual foundations 2 system forminq principles.
           This aspect of analyses shows that the problems put forward a solved in buddhism for modern way of mentality, concludes the author of the article.
Semenov Y.I. The Truth, The Designation, The Assertion
           The necessity of exact distinction of the cognition-situation from the denomination-situation is demonstrated in the article. The inapplicability of the truth an the name and the non-acceptance of the Tarskj’s semantic theory of truth are founded on this basis. The questions of the structur of the assertion and of the truth of the assertion are alluded to in this article. The focal points that are carried in the book “The Researches into the Problem of the Apriority and into the Philosophy of the Arithmetic” and that are the theoretical basis of this article are represented in the appendix.
Goptarewa I.B. Federalism as a Constitutional System
           Federalism in modern nations is a constitutional form that divides lawmaking powers between a central government for the whole area and a number of constituent governments.
           This article is a comparative analysis of various models of the federal state. Each model is considered from positions of the constitutional systems which have been usual to the concrete state.
Skopintseva T.Yu. God and Devil in traditional paradigm
           The author attributes to the traditional binary of the eternal & the mortal in the history of the mankind. The eternal means comprehensive way to the heights of Spirit. The mortal let us fall into the realm of flesh. The human history began when the first attempt to coincide both paths took place. A success in this herolds social harmony.
           To become immortal one has to encounter death, to overcome emotional circulation. Specially paused to crucify mortality the mask is a symbol the Devil. The mortal fixed in the eternity is impossible, horrible. An encounter with death (eternity) provokes deferential fright, cold grimace of the Devil causes horror.
           A tradition worked out in the course of an individual & communal experience is a key to the mortal.


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