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           Pisarchik T.P. Struve P.V. about Russian Intelligentsia
           The author addresses to Struve's philosophical legacy, to his analyses of the role of intelligentsia in the history of Russia New Time and to the tasks which are necessary to decide on the way of achievement democratic and free society.
Lyubichankovsky V.A. The Evolution of the Concept of State in the classical Physics
           There is an observation of the physical system characteristics in the classical mechanics, thermodynamics, statistic physics, classical field-theory in the article.
           The state of the physical system in the classical physics is determined through its quantofive characteristics.
           The development of physical know ledge in connected with the development of the methods describing the state of physical systems.
Naoumenko T. Ivashtchenko G. About the historical conscious
           The problem of the defenition of term "historical conscious" is a very important for researching of different social phenomenons, facts and processes. Elements of historical knowledg which belongs to different persons are often taken as a historical conscious. But right conclusions, from the autor's point of view, can be done only in case of analysis of historical conscious as a specialise conscious.
Naoumenko T. Journalism as a sistem
           To understand the journalism as a system is nessesery to analise it using following categories: essens, maintenance, phenomenon, form. The exposure of this characteristics on a level with definition of the subject of journalism and definition of the main values of journalism helps us to grasp such a difficult object of analysis as journalism.
Skalskaya D.N. Problems West-European of an aesthetics on a threshold XXI centuries
           In the article is informed on a situation, which has developed in modern west-european of an aesthetic think(idea). The scientific researches on an aesthetics have detected necessity it of conceptual selfdetermination with allowance for of nonclassical methodology. The author specifies that west-european the aesthetics is an integral part philosophies anthropology of tradition and is represented by such schools as: phenomenology, existents, neofreidism, personalism.
Brosova N.Z. Strachov N.N. as a historian of philosophi
           Nikolai Nikolaevitsch Strachov - a visible representative russian philosophical thoughts of second half 19 age. It belonged a broad direction to slavophilism, but occupied especial position in him. Strachov considered that in russian philosophy must organic will be connected orthodox spirituelity and european rationalism. Its historian-philosophical glances formed under the significant influence german classicists, mostly Hegel, but they did not get a complete conceptual expression.
Kchagiarov M.Kch. Evolution of Science and Development of Science Thinking
           The article is devoted to the analysis of the interaction of science and scientific thinking in their historical evolution. Dynamics of scientific thinking determines in one or another pa historical period the proper intermediate scientific forms of its existence, which define the specific character of the cognitive activity knowledge. In the aspect of thinking development science is regarded as a form and war of the existence of the ultimate products of the thinking activity.


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