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           Lybichankovsky V.A. The basic methodological programs of the research work of the scientific experiment in the Soviet philosophical Literature of the 60-80s of the 20th century
           The practical material ( the analysis of the diplomas and monographs) of this article shows the great efforts done by the Soviet philosophy.
Naoumenco T.V. Function of journalism and function of mass media
           The problem of functions of journalism has great meaning for the theory of journalism. Many of scientists worked on the development of this topic. On our opinion, we can solve problems, connected with the functions of journalism, only when we separate them from functions of the press, TV, radio, and other structures of mass media.
Polegaev D.V. Consciousness of the personalities and internal mechanisms of social directivity
           Problem to selfpersonal identifications connect with political first of all, economic and social. It’s possible define as a firm component system, revealling trend of announcing a personality in different situations. In this phenomenon important role plays not only consciousness of individual, as well as its relationship with the human generality.
           Personality - an object of public relations, it absorbs in itself public ideals, rates and value, existing for a given moment. One of central amongst characteristics of personality, is its social directivity. Social directivity of personality in the modern science is defined as an system of the needs, the interests and ideals.
Sheshukova G.V. Election of Governor in the Orenburg region (Sociological analysis)
           In this article present the dynamics of electoral positions of Orenburgmen for period of the election company on the basis of election of governor of region in 1999 year. In the article present 6 stages of sociological monitoring.
Кouszhanova A.Zh. Problem of interest in the scope of formation (Philosophical-mehtodological analysis)
           In serieses an article, denote philosophical-methodological to the analysis a phenomenon of interest, is undertake attempt of syntheses available sociological, psychological, pedagogical approaches to studying and understanding an interest. As A Result of integrate study are reveal essence and structure of interest, in which is comprised base of variety of its manifestations. Accordingly - a reason of main mistakes in available understanding an interest and in attempts to include its in different forms of practices, in the scope of formation particularly.


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