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           Кouszhanova A.Zh. Problem of interest in the scope of formation (Philosophical-mehtodological analysis)
           In serieses an article, denote philosophical-methodological to the analysis a phenomenon of interest, is undertake attempt of syntheses available sociological, psychological, pedagogical approaches to studying and understanding an interest. As A Result of integrate study are reveal essence and structure of interest, in which is comprised base of variety of its manifestations. Accordingly - a reason of main mistakes in available understanding an interest and in attempts to include its in different forms of practices, in the scope of formation particularly.
Kchagiarov M.Kch. Rationality, Irrationality and Contemporaneity
           The problem of rational excrectlon from the irratiotional field is anaiyred in the article.
Affirmation of rationality in man' s vital activity, in science occurs as a manifestation of active nature of intellect and its organized characteristics.
On the contemporary level of man 's development the idea of rationality does not contradicts his humanist ideals but harmoniously supplements them allowing him to be convineed as a reasonable creature in the warld.
Goptarewa I.B. About some parties of a political interlacing in various structures of power
           The realization of a principle of separation of power is one of the most urgent problems in modern Russia. The crisis of administration of government, which is supervised in last 15 years, is explained by a line of the fix costs of the managerial process. One of them is connected to an interlacing of functions of various branches of power at different levels of management. The experience of the democratic states helps to understand some complexities of a control mechanism in the states, which realize transition from a totalitarianism to democracy.
Ivashtchenko G.V., Naoumenko T.V. Mass information
           Social information is divided on two levels: mass information and specializing information. Mass information is information connected with the level of mass consciousness and circulated in it.
Naoumenko T.V. Mass consciousness and journalism
           Any social research has to be concerned with the problems of mass consciousness, because exactly this stratum of consciousness of society, in which knowledge's, turned into convictions, traditions etc., function, is cold the mass consciousness.
Socolova L.B. Scientific stady as a factor formation culture of the pedagogical activity
           Science is one of the fundamental culture manifestations. The creative abilities of a person are brightly shown in the research work. The article deals with the organisation of research work at the HEI, reviewed as one of the pedagogical culture forming factor of future teachers.
Betueva A.V. Structural features of the values orientations
           One of major problems of the modern philosophy, sociological and psychological researches is the problem of a structural structure and regular functions of the values orientations.
The analysis of their structure includes a parity(ratio) of meaning and stimulating functions, substantial and dynamic parties current and perspective semantic formations.
The contents of "values orientations" is caused by the real public attitudes, in which the person is included during the ability to live.
The formation of the "values orientations" as an internal determinant of activity is connected to formation of system of meanings. In a basis of the values lay generalized representations, in which the social and individual experience of the man, his diverse communications with most important sides of the validity are reflected.


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