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           Кouszhanova A.Zh. Problem of interest in the scope of formation (Philosophical-mehtodological analysis)
           In serieses an article, denote philosophical-methodological to the analysis a phenomenon of interest, is undertake attempt of syntheses available sociological, psychological, pedagogical approaches to studying and understanding an interest. As A Result of integrate study are reveal essence and structure of interest, in which is comprised base of variety of its manifestations. Accordingly - a reason of main mistakes in available understanding an interest and in attempts to include its in different forms of practices, in the scope of formation particularly.
Lyubichankovsky V.A., Boguslavskaya S.M., Nagornaya O.V., Natural science and humanitarian components integration of personal culture as a factor of overcoming the negative ethnocentrism consequences.
           In this article the authors regard the problem of natural science and humanitarian components integration of personal culture. They put into practice the synergetical paradigm, anthropos and bioethic principles to show the notion formation of personal and cultural unique features. To our mind it helps to overcome the negative ethnocentrism consequences.
Kchagiarov M.Kch. Evolution of Science and Development of Scietfe Thinking.
           The article is devoted to the analysis of the interaction of science and scientific thinking in their historical evolution. Dynamics of scientific thinking determines in one or another pa historical period the proper intermediate scientific forms of its existence, which define the specific character of the cognitive activity knowledge.

In the aspect of thinking development science is regarded as a form and war of the existence of the ultimate products of the thinking activity.
Martin Schonfeld. Population Growth and the Preservation of Wilderness: Interspecific Conflict Resolution in Environmental Ethics
           Animals are neither things nor persons. They care for their well-being and seek self-preservation, yet ethicists are unsure whether or to what extent animals have valid claims on us. Neither the anthropocentric theories of classical Western morality nor the nonanthropocentric approaches in modern environmental ethics succeed at resolving conflicts of interest between humans and nonhuman beings. In this paper, I wish to defend an environmental ethics that occupies the middle ground between traditional anthropocentrism and fashionable egalitarianism. It seems to me that a sound normative system requires a hierarchical conception of human and nonhuman rights and should rely on a casuistry involving both anthropocentric and nonanthropocentric strategies.
Naoumenko T.V. Mass consciousness
           Propaganda and scientific popularization are accomplished by using of translation of specializing consciousness into mass consciousness. Journalism is one of the kind of action providing translation of specializing consciousness into mass consciousness.

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