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Anisov A.M. Phenomenon of Time

Muhamadiev R. Sh. "Hamlet" as a Tragedy of Christian Sacrificial Feat.

Naoumenco T. V. Ystimova O.V Value, evaluations and journalism

Ivashenco G.V. About conception "security"

Lavruchina. E.A. The Crisis Factors of Education

Mishuchkov A.A. Specifics and functions of mythological consciousness.


Anisov A.M.

Phenomenon of Time

It is plainly shown in this article that the word “time” is often used in the scientific literature in the sense other than traditionally established in the course of history. This gives birth to illusions and pseudo paradoxes that have nothing in common with true problems of time cognition. Eight fundamental features of time are formulated here that altogether distinct the phenomenon of temporality. Besides, a new hypothesis about the major cause of becoming is introduced.

Muhamadiev R. Sh.

"Hamlet" as a Tragedy of Christian Sacrificial Feat.

The article entitled "Hamlet" as a Tragedy of Christian Sacrificial Feat” is the first exhaustive interpretation which restores the genuine intention of William Shakespeare's great piece. This study also refutes the play as a tragedy of revenge, the idea that is prevalent until now. For the first time in the history of literary criticism it is proved that, along with the ancient Scandinavian saga of Amlet, Shakespeare had used two other sources, i.e., the Biblical legend of the Israeli judge Iaffe and his daughter, as well as the spiritual testament of John Shakespeare, the playwright's father. This fact allowed the author of the study to radically change the stereotype formed for centuries, and to prove that "Hamlet" is a tragedy of Christian sacrificial feat but not a tragedy of revenge, as it was commonly believe

Naoumenco T. V.

Ystimova O.V

Value, evaluations and journalism

Value, as a category, reflects the basis reasons for aim-putting activity of a person.

Realization of value, displaying in the form of giving the value to the object, is an evaluation, which completely does not coincide with value, but reflects it with one or another degree of adequacy.

Maintaining the status-quo, prevailling the values of dominating social groups is the important function of the public authorities.

One of the ways of realization of this function is an introduction the values of the dominating groups to the mass consciousness.

In a democratic system, when opposition gets a legal right on the public expression of their own values appears a system of journalism, presented by mass media, expressing not simply various, as well as opposite values.

Ivashenco G.V.

About conception "security"

On the basis of theory of social activity the article offers and proves, that conception "security" is a totality of conditions of social subject existence, which he can control during the process of his activity.

This is following by conclusion, that ensuring a security is a process of creating by social subject favourable conditions for activity, a process of getting him necessary conditions of existence.

Nedorezov B. G.

Origin and development of technical knowledge.

Early forms of the technical knowledge. Progress of technical knowledge was at this stage characterized:

Development of abilities of person to designing of possible, but not existing artifacts (artificial objects). Interdependent complicating the technical labour facilities, structures of consciousness and subject-practical activity. Adjustment to the assimilation, accumulation, translations of knowledge in sign, schematic, symbolic form.

Rationally-technical component of activity at this stage existed organic, in the unity, solid with naturally-practical, given by nature forms of vital

Lavruchina. E.A. The Crisis Factors of Education

In the article " The Crisis Factors of Education" the materials touching upon the active problems of education, it s up-to date state and factors promoting the intensification of the given social institute erises are integrated and analyzing. There we also can find the possible ways of positive alterations through making the mechanism of different social subiects interest coordination in sphere.

Mishuchkov A.A. Specifics and functions of mythological consciousness.

This article is devoted to the specifics of mythological consciousness from the point of view of different ways for myth analisis, i.e. psihoanalisis, politology social phylosophy and historical philosophy.

The nature of mythological awareness has two functions connected with each other.


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