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The current article is devoted to the phenomenon of creativeness or the emergence of the unprecedented. A thesis is proposed that it is legitimate to consider something a novelty only when the emergence of it has not been strictly predetermined by the earlier circumstances. The notion of creativeness is related to the impossibility of building up a functional description of the emergence of a given event. Arguments are exposed in favour of the creativeness of life and against the ontological novelty in the results of computer calculations.

Conceptual bases of a political category Federalism

In this article are analyzed the attributes and properties Federalism as political and social category. The attempt is undertaken to clear the inconsistent parties of this complex political phenomen.

S.P.Ivanenkov, A.Zh.Kouszhanova.
Native land as value beside modern russia of the young people

In the article are considered some actual problems of a realizing and comprehensions russia of the young people processes occur in the country, and first of all questions - relations to the Native land, to wake Russia.

The social development of the young people

This article presents the analysis of the youth social problems based on the results of the authors sociological research. Special attention is paid to the deviant behavior and related problems.

Conceptual basis for the regional government

In this article are investigated the conceptual basis for the regional government. The author analyze the present-day situation in the russian regional government. She emphasize the regional specification of modern russian social reforms. Rational way for the regional government the author connect with own governmental model and with the such concept of region as open social wholeness.

The theory of comparative politics: H. Eckstein s system analysis

In this article, the author attempts to provide background for understanding of the system approach towards investigation of the Theory of Comparative Politics development process as it has been taking place in the period of the last decades of the twentieth century. A brief sketch of H.Eckstein s causal analysis is offered, focusing on the transformation of the scope of the field. The article then turns to an in-depth analysis of Eckstein s vision of the perspectives of how theory may be constructed on the basis of greater historical & theoretical depth in the field and greater social width, particularly through the study of power and authority in all aspects of social life.

Social subject of education

Given publication opens a new cycle an article, denote social-philosophical analysis of that social groups, institutes, organizations, which on its objective social features or is real are subjects of educational activity, or are intended on this role their social status. As far as success of formation as a social sphere is defined by the nature and condition of activity all social subjects, acting inwardly the most formation systems and in the public space for its limits, as well as their interests, motives, social resources of material and spiritual nature etc., their study becomes a necessary condition and premises, openning possibility of reshaping a modern formation on principle new bases.

Intellectual suicide

This article regards suicide as a phenomenon of consciousness. Apart from the majority of suicides which are outwardly premeditated and quite mediocre acts incorporated into the sense of social Entire there is a small part of suicides which are inwardly premeditated. Their formats are formed by either individually projective development or by superrationaizative terms of reference. Intellectual suicides are devided into philosophic laid, inpatiently desperate and metaphysic. Their main semantic configurations have been also analysed.

Social inquire & order in education

The problem of factors, determining nature & direction of educational matters is analyzed in the article "Social inquire & order in education". The economy of modern education & management of this social institution are determined in many aspects of what interpretations have inquire & order in modern pedagogical group practice. Revelation of essential & distinguishing characteristics of these purposeful dominants, definition of different subjects' role (society, person, state, pedagogical community & so on) in the plan of order formation becomes the most actual under the conditions in the making of civil society & education reform.


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