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On the question about the extension of the list of the grounds for the cessation of the criminal proceeding

This publication is devoted to the issues of the state regulation of the legal grounds for the cessation of criminal proceeding. Based under the analysis of the international legislation, the Criminal proceedings Code of the Russian Federation (CPC of the RF) and law literature, the author came to the following conclusions, at first, there are not all the grounds for the cessation of criminal proceeding in the chapter 4 of the CPC of the RF, at second, there are the grounds for the cessation of criminal proceeding in the articles 3, 427, 439 (part 1), 461 (part 1) of the CPC of the RF too.

Becoming of a cultural - anthropological paradigm in modern archeology

The article is devoted to the analysis of the cultural-anthropological paradigm in the works of known archaeologists of XX c. There are studied the cultural-theoretical conceptions of this scientists and their influence on the further development of cultivation anthropologist - archaeological researches. Key words: cultural anthropology, historical process, subject and object of archaeology, mentality.

«Communicative rationality» as a priori social sciences (the methodological review of projects)

The contemporary social theory creates the own epistemological criteria of truth and the methods of explication. The fact disappears and thore is the interpretation at this place. The attitude of theorist to this question is not privileged, because now there is the power`s nature of theoretical construction. Hew must we think the social sphere in such situation? This article contains the analysis of epistemological premises of the conceptions which propose nonsubstantial approach to the social sphere.

S.P.Ivanenkov, J.B.Ivanov
Problem of strategic regulation of the regional labour market in the russian federation

In clause some strategic directions of regulation of regional labour markets in Russia are considered. It is marked, that having defined their structure and structure, having revealed dynamics and having made the certain forecasts of their condition for immediate prospects, further it will be possible to affect behaviour of agents on a labour market, smoothing disbalance between quality and quantity of the prepared qualified labour and its demand in various spheres of ability to live of regional community.

Interaction of cultures: dialogue of cultures

The essay analysis problems of dialogue of cultures in modern ethnopolitical processes in Russia.

Philosophizing Ego under Zodiac

The present article is devoted to the problem of probable influence of inborn world-view dispositions on metaphisysical particulars of diverse philosophical doctrins. The problem originated from Nietzsche's treatis "Will to Pover". There is the problem of psychic roots of metaphiysics. The hypothesis of the article is based on an assumption that may be patterns of correlations between psychic features of zodiac signs and predispositions to philosophical certain preferences. This research rests on encyclopedical materials about dates of birth and world viewpoints of 568 philosophers. In the article the author attempts to clarify the specifity of this probable influence.

The social subject of education

The papers continues a new cycle of the articles, devoted to socio-philosophical analysis of the social groups, institutes, and organizations, that are the subjects of education according to their objective social features or which are intended to that social status. The success of creation of the social sphere defined by the nature and condition of all social subjects activity; the acting inwardly the most formation systems and in the public space for its limits, as well as their interests, motives, social resources of material and spiritual nature etc., their study becomes a necessary condition and premises, openning possibility of reshaping a modern formation on principle new bases.

V.N.Lukin, T.V.Moussienko
Political Identification: conceptualization problem

The authors examine different models of Party (or Political) Identification Concept (Р-ID). Behavioral “Michigan” Model (traditional) and Non-Conventional Model of Р-ID (based on the “Reasoning Voter” and “Rational Choice” Concepts) are compared. Neo-Behavioral Model of Р-ID accumulating the ideas of the both trends in conceptualization of the Р-ID political orientation is proved to become the dominant approach in the 90-s of the XX century.

Valuable orientation of students cultural education

The article expounds the principles system, on the basis of which students cultural education and upbringing should be realized in our country.

Philosophy and experience

Does the way out of the ecological crisis exist? What is to be done to overcome the situation when scientific investigations in different spheres of nature and spirit are separated? Is philosophy still able to win back its former authority and significance? The answer to these questions the author tries to find in the history of philosophy-experience relations.

Belief System of а Personality as the Object of Micropolitics

In that article the author proposes the peculiarities of an individual Belief System conceptualization in Modern Micropolitics. Three concepts – Political Efficacy (P-E), Political Sophistication (P-S), Attitudes Towards Groups (A-GR) – are defined in such a way as to give a coherent information about the changes un the conceptualization of political beliefs since 50-s till 90-s of the twentieth century.

Problems of rules of law of regulation of activity of the russian mass-media

In clause the situation on modern Russian TV, increase in quantity of the transfers showing violence, murders and aggression is analyzed. The author reveals the reasons of this situation and offers ways on its improvement.

Intuition, text, body - the problem of understanding

The central problem of this article is describing and interpretation of evolution of concept “intuition” in modern philosophical texts. Through this analyzing is possible to understand more global evolution of philosophical problems as problem of language, rationality, etc. And also it is possible to make some actual relation between unclassical and postmodernists philosophical language, concepts and ideas. Intuition as concept is no longer exist in language of modern philosophy, but it exists as multi-placed transgression, as points of crossroads of intensivety in texts and as possible connection of space of body and space of language. The main material of article – analyses of two modern philosophical concepts (by J. Kristeva and J.L. Nancy).

The french national humanitarian tradition: specificity and genesis

The author of the article studies the socio-cultural foundations of the French humanitarian discurse. The relationship between the specific features, stylistic and structural peculiarity on the one hand, and the influences of the rhetoric tradition, New-European Rationalism and the whole spiritual climate, produced by the cultural traditions of Baroque, Classicism and Rococo, on the other, is discovered. Special attention is paid to role that the intellectual landscape has played in the process of the French humanitarian discurse formation.

T.N.Fjodorova, A.N.Pershikov
Globalization Problems and their theoretical Comprehension

The article is devoted to the globalization problems and their theoretical comprehension. The views of the scientist specializiny in different fields of knowledge such as Philosophy, Economics, Political science, History etc. are compared. Discussions on globalization problems are considered to be influential in making a careful study of the question. Theoretical understanding of a modern globalization process is proved to be effective in finding the way of taking control of the process.


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