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Return the Natural Condition of the Youth

The author proposes his own vision of the recent youth problem through the limbeck of organization of social life and the youth in previous times in Russia. The author consider to be possible the negotiation of row central terms, in which the youth problems apprehended today.

S.P.Ivanenkov, Yu.B.Ivanov, S.V.Cherkasov
An Effective PersonalManagement of the Region: the Problems and the Perspectives

An efficacy of personal management in the region depends on the coherence market orientation of education and state interests, nation-wide and regional priorities. The satisfaction of elemental request of concrete qualifications without objective regional development needs conduce to the formidable disproportion on the market of human resources. The correction of this disproportion takes more means than education of a specialist.

Some Aspects of the Role of Science in Russian History

In this article the general view of the author on the role of scientific-rational knowledge in cultural (including political) history of Russia is presented. In particular, its participation in the mechanism of the Russian power reproduction as a system-forming factory of the NativeHistory. Special emphasis is laid on the significance of the scientific communities in this process. There is an attempt to analyze their organizational fundamentals and aims, directed towards opening up the territories and resources of Siberia as well as to the formation of the enlightened image of the Russian power in the consciousness of the local population, what didn’t prevent it from being itself, by the end of the XIX century – beginning of the XX century.

Epistemological Status of Polymetry Principle

The article proves the necessity to apply the Polymetry (Multidimensionality) Principle of to the reconstructing of philosophical education in Russia in 19th – early 20th centuries. The examples of testing of the Polymetry Principle in the investigation of contemporary Russia province are drawn.

Psychological Resources of Civilization

Nowadays an ideology that claims consumption limitation as prerequisite for space mastering is disappearing as not wanted. Advertising that ousts an ideology cultivates egoism and hedonism that conduces to infancy. For the human of civilization relish one’s own sake becomes more important than joy of the space conqueror. Current civilization rises from the global civilization born at late XIX century. Preference is often pays to the operations with the signs. Rejection of the space mastering is accompanied by transforming of aggression nature. For the first time in mankind history the recent wars are waged not for geographical space but for the space of the igns, space of perception.

Apollon Grigoryev and Ernst Renan

This article is devoted to consequential analysis of two national forms of organic critique: Russian and French. The main goal of research is to describe clearly the specific nature of Grigoryev’s organic critique. The next goal is based on the phenomenon of intellectual semblance between Grigoryev and Renan. It consists in making the organic Russian critique andmind more open and understandable.

The Present Specifics of the Social Subject

The article begins new cycle of the woks on problem of subject, and analysis of the recent context of the problem and its particular distinctions from the previous periods was especially emphasized. What are the parameters of modern society, that creates new subjects, determines the new conditions of their social acts, new demands to his activity? And how should this social practice be changed according to recent conditions? – These are the questions of current cycle.

Emotion and Rationality Concepts in Recent Sociological Theories of the Self

The author resolves the theoretical poser that characterises the interrelation between emotion and rationality in the social behaviour of the self by: a) demonstrating that the both concepts are variable to be explained, b) showing how scientific debates strongly influences the conseptualization of the problem, c) noting that the shift from cognitivism to emotivism is a distinctive feature of recent sociological investigations of the self.

Historiography of sociological approach in microanalyticalresearch: the Microdynamics Theory of J.Turner

The author turns to the peculiarities of the J.Turner’s Theory of Microdinamics and investigates it as a successful attempt to create a cumulative theory of social behaviour demonstrating the strengthening of status of sociological theories of the self.

T.N.Fedorova, V.N.Loukin, T.V.Mousienko
Development of the Soviet Higher School (Historical and Socio-Cultural Aspects)

The stages of the Soviet higher school development are investigates in this article. The authors analize the problem of succession in educational system development of the Imperial Russia and the USSR. The civilization pecularities of Russia and their influence on the development of the Soviethigher school are also considered.

The Culture and the Self in Modernizing Society

In these papers the author reveals the existential basis of spiritual welfare of the self, researches the psychological traditional and contemporary society possibilities of personal adaptation to existential problems. The influence of different modernization variants on a development of culture and psychological welfare of the self in modernizing society are researched in these papers. The main aim of these papers is to clearout the optimum modernization variant, that possesses the least destructive spiritual consequences.

Gothic in the Socio-Cultural Time

The problems of temporality of historical and cultural consciousness of Middle Ages and Modernity investigated in the article. The typology of “cultural memory” composed by the author, she shows the resemblance between scientific, cultural and trivial consciousness. The relations between the forms of time and cultural behavior were analyzed here.

The Basic Characteristics of Recent Youth Applying for Participation in student’s Labour Groups

The great social and economic importance of student’s labour groups (SLG) for education of recent youth is investigates in this article. In particular it is underlines, that SLG cultivates such qualities as vigour, enterprise, tolerance, civil consciousness, patriotism, ability to self-organizing. The author specifies the data of sociological research, which was surveyed among500 representatives of SLG. The results allow to conclude the statistical “portrait” of recent “fighters” and to unfold the system of their existencevalues.

The Cultural and Anthropological Meaning of a Creation (Historical Typology and Contemporaneity)

The article Cultural and anthropological meaning of creation (historical typology and the present) is devoted to the problem of a creation. The matter of this article is possibility (or impossibility) of creation in postmodern era, after the Author’s death, that was proclaimed by French structuralists. This is a research of history of understanding of this problem. As a material for this work there were used the conceptions of contemporary philosophers and researchers of culture.

To the Problem of Symbol in A.F.Losev’s works

The article is devoted to the scrutiny of A.F. Losev’s philosophy problem of symbol. Losev is the representative of Russian religioгs philosophy. One of the key problems of this tradition was the question of the correlation between the world of God and the world of creature. In this context Losev’s symbolism is investigated. Losev attempt to arrange the legible border between the God and the creature, and prove that their communication realizes through the Mystery, Prayer, Rescuing, through God’s Name and His Energy. Losev called this sphere of the Name and the Energy as symbolic, and he emphasized just the expressiveness, sociability of the symbol. According to Losev symbol is an act of the God’s superior reality. In the article the link between Losev’s symbolism and Vyacheslav Ivanov’s conception of the symbol was traced and an original comprehension of this category Losev’s interpretation was shown.


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