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When Great Dumb Man starts to speak.

An article is devoted to a research into the specification of contra-cultures of the young. There is examined social and anthropological causes and ways of the origin and a development of diverse young's contra-cultures: beatniks, hippies, punks, skinheads, rappers. Serious attention is paid to a consideration of basic patterns of their ideologies. The first pattern is a dualistic categorization of the world meanings. It is described their views on society and their self-conception. The second pattern is an ideal of transcending. The transcending is a state of self-isolation, flat refusal or confrontation with the dominant culture. That also is a statement of main ways of the realization. It can be said that these ways are realized as "revolution" and "escapism". It is proposed for discussion problems about rock'n'roll, free love and drags.

To last reliability: V.S.nightingale and P.E.Astafev about the subject as a metaphysical principle

In article the problem of the subject as metaphysical principle in V.S.Solovjev's creativity (his ideas of "Theoretical philosophy") and P.E.Astafjev (the concept of "internal experience") is considered. Both philosophers assert ontological communication of the subject and reality and criticize substancialism classical metaphysics. However completely to overcome classical substancialism him it is not possible. In result philosophers or belittle concrete individuality (V.S.Solovjev), or dissolve the person in space of monads (P.E. Astafjev). Metaphysical ideas of Russian philosophers are actual for a problem of the subject in modern philosophy.

Development of idea metapsihose in early Greek philosophy

The doctrine of an immortality of soul was one of the main in the ancient greek phylosophic systems. One of the forms of this doctrine is reincarnations or, another words, souls' movements. Before Platon the doctrine of the souls' movements mostly was based upon the tradition, and only beginning with Platon we can speak about the scientific (in the ancient undersanding of this word) working out of this problem. Before Platon this phylosophy applying to the idea of the souls' movement excites a great unterest, letting us know the sources of this ancient Greek doctrine.

Protogorian principal of human as measure of all things from the point of view of his anthropology and ontology.

Regarding the interpretations of Protogorian principal of human based knowledge, which were made by Martin Heidegger, H.Arendt, B. Kassen, the author trying to find the real base of such interpretations in both early Greece philosophical heritance still available and Protogorian's text. As the result the author has come to the conclusion: the variability of the difference in understanding of this principal depends on, first of all, different reading ancient Greece notions and, secondly, for the tradition to treat with this principal as ontological and anthropological as well.

Epistemologicheskiy the status of a metaphor: an exposition of a problem

The epistemological status of metaphor is an issue of particular concern to the philosophy of science, especially in the context of the current shift in the standards of rationality and formation of non-classical epistemology that includes values and aims aspects into cognition, and also considering the socio-cultural and communicative dimensions of knowledge. The aim of this review is to present the range of principal approaches and concepts of metaphor related to this problem. The analysis of modern theories of metaphor in philosophical discourse (analytic philosophy of language, phenomenology, hermeneutics), in cognitive sciences, linguistics, and psychology shows that the adequate comprehension of metaphor and its role in different types of discourse, including science, can be possible only on the basis of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural investigations and reflection of their methodological foundation.

Essay Discurse in the "Philosophical" History of the Age of the Enlightenment.

This article examines the problem of theoretical and discursive generalization forms usage in different kinds of historical investigations devoted to the age of the Enlightenment. The main fields of the generalization as the author understand it is its "Philosophical" History. Essay genre service as the main discursive channel of the generalization and the creation the whole social and historical panorama of the world. The problems of the essayistic discurse structure and its dependence upon the Cultural and historical context of the Enlightenment age are analyzed and the special questions of baroque and classicism phenomena influence are discussed.

Regional politics in the sphere of culture: strategic and tactics (example Orenburg region)

The main idea of this paper is: regional politics in culture sphere should make every person feel himself not only as a representative of the given region but as well as the part of the whole - the part of Russia

The problems protections of the culture possessions how the factor of forming national conscious of the people.

This article presents interesting problems protections of the culture material and spiritual values. That is a very factor of forming national conscious of the people. The article writing on the examplt of the Russian empire ?VIII c.

Social, Cultural and Political Problems of Globalization

The article presents a comparative analysis of institutional and behavioral interpretations of Social Justice and Human Rights in the modern world. Liberal Concepts are presented and examined. The problem of harmonization of social and private interests is actualized and discussed here.

Terrorism and Security Problems in the Modern World

The paper is devoted to the problems of Human Security and modern strategies of fighting terrorism in the global world. Some concepts of Human Security are analyzed. The advantages of the strategies based on the Legal InterNetwork for Terrorism blockade models are shown here.

E.A.Lavruhina, O.A.Efanova
The Social device of modern Russia: myths and a reality

Article "The Social device of modern Russia: myths and a reality " it is devoted to a problem of formation in the country of new social groups and attitudes. In it the estimation of a modern condition of individual business and farmers, i.e. to those layers of a society on which the basic rate was done at carrying out of scale reforms in the country is given. The social and economic portrait of the given subjects of small business allows to draw conclusions about exaggeration of their role in the state programs of reforms, and also their replacement in the bulk on periphery of economic space. The data of pilot inspections of individual businessmen and the farmers, lead by Institute of social researches in May-June, 2004 also are offered attention of the reader.

L.B.Sokolova, L.A.Gorohovceva
Formation of skills of information modeling at students

In clause it is spoken about formation of skills of information modeling at students

The psychological influence methods over mass audience by the example of parliamentary election-2003 and presidental election-2004

The article is called "The psychological influence methods over mass audience by the example of parliamentary election-2003 and presidental election-2004". The goal of it is to discribe the most effective and striking electional technologies with using different psychological influence methods. There is an analysis which allow to show some aspects of communication with electorate and information about main principles of conducting election.

Active repentance as a ground for the cessation of criminal proceeding.

This publication is devoted to the issues of the state regulation of the concrete legal ground for the cessation of criminal proceeding - active repentance (the article 28 of the Criminal proceedings Code of the Russian Federation). Taking the complex character of the ground in mind, the author analyzed its elements. Based under own analysis, points of view of another law scientists, the author proposed how to improve the application of the ground.


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