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V.G.Ivanov, M.L.Lezgina
"Information society" as a production of the scientific and technical progress

The subject of this article is "information society" as a result of the revolution in information technologies. "Information society" as an idea can be represented as a forecast, a project of future, as Utopia, at last as the main element in building up of the New World Order. The analysis of such element gives evidence that "information society" is an image of social system which is controlled by TNC. The instrument of the above - mentioned control is computer system of communications.

Rationality and Humanistic Ideals of Education

The rupture between the past and the present of European culture is obvious, first of all, because of displacement and loss of vital intellectual tradition. As the source of universal truth and self-sufficient system of tools of vital-practical order formation6 the reason is losing the status of infallible basis of creature. Contemporary rational theories of antropologic-educational or socio-cultural reality differ with incoherence, inequality of logical structure of the meaning, senility of "arsenal" of conceptual and terminological means. Because of its importance in compromised forms of metaphysical thinking, the contemporaneity becomes impenetrable for European rationality.

The problem of the scietific form of thinking in the philosophy of Kant

The article deals with the task of Kantian investigation to discover scientific method, to find the form of scientific thinking which must combine universality (Allgemeinheit) and synthesis of different, which must be the unity of opposites - concept and contemplations.

Existential aspect of the teaching of Gautama Buddha

When the teaching of Buddha is analyzed by existential philosophy the understanding of the notion of "Nirvana" is of principle importance, for the attainment of the state of "Nirvana" is the ultimate existential goal of the teaching of Buddha. The attentive study of the content of the Buddhist philosophical thought discovers the authentic meaning of the state of "Nirvana". "Nirvana" is not a total and trance "extinction" of consciousness, but "extinction of flame" of attachment to the outer cause-and-effect world, which is the cause of the endless suffering (Duhkha). The overcoming of the phenomenon of Duhkha, as the way for achieving of the highest state of consciousness, is done through the comprehension of the essential principle of the "Four Arian Truths" and existential realization of the "Eightfold Arian Path".

The religio-metaphisysical premise of A.F.Losevs historical view.

The prezent article is devoted to the analysis of the religious and metaphisysical premise of A. F. Losevs histjrical view. The human history, in Losevs maind, is tragic because the people in they development go away from God.

Apollon Grigoryev and Henri Bergson.

This article is devoted to the consequental analysis of urgent issue similarity and difference between two forms (Russian and French) of organic life philosophy/ In the first part the similarity and difference of Grigoryev and Bergson ?s life philosophy are analysed. In second part the literary - critical projection of these life philosophy is discussed. Finally, in third the existential - personality aspects of problem are given.

On gender studies and its key concepts.

The article verifies some key gender concepts and categories. The gender reality (being) is seen as the unity of gender activity and gender attitude being the complement of one another. The former is a dynamic, changeable side of the gender reality, whereas the latter is, on the contrary, stability itself. Moreover, the gender reality is the unity of world visions and corresponding institutions being the complement of one another. The concept of gender cannot be reduced to the social and biological intercommunication of the two sexes. This is clearly a limited understanding of the subject of gender studies and needs to be expanded. An adequate notion of it is seen in realising gender as the intercommunication of three sex and age groups of society - children, adults and elderly people. Under such a methodological approach, gender identity should be realised, in the first place, as the ability of every individual to follow the rules and stereotypes of conduct that are characteristic of one of the above three social groups. Therefore, gender identity is by no means identical with that of sex role which presupposes the assimilation of a man's or a woman's role by individuals.

Evolution of classic generation theory in positivism of XIX - beginning XX centuries

Positivists of XIX century (Comte A., H.Spenser, Cournot A., Mentre F.) develop the classic generation theory by the one-sided way. They give concrete expression this theory in diachronic aspect and investigate biological foundations of the law of three generations. But positivism neglect the problem of immanent coherence of generation.

Support for Democracy as a Part of Civic Culture: conceptualization problems.

In this article the author argues that Support for Democracy being an integral part of Civic Culture remains to be central theoretical problem for neoinstitutionalists. Two theoretical traditions in Support for Democracy (S-D) conceptualization are discussed. The first - the holistic approach, following D. Easton's ideas concerning objects of Support and the second - the reductionsts approach based on R. Dahl's conception of democracy and distinquished by its focus on attitude analysis and microlevel processes of societal support for democracy.

V.N.Lukin, T.V.Moussienko
Civil Society and Political Stability in the Contex of Globalization.

The authors examine the problems of the development of Societal Support for Neoliberalism, democratic government and political institutions in the contex of democratic transition and democratic stability. The Compensation Hypothesis (C-H) of rational institutionalists and Rescue Hypothesis (R-H) of psychological dicision theories are compared and discussed.

V.P.Bjakina, V.G.Kachalova
The Russian charity under Romanov's patronage: sources, traditions, experience.

The article tells about Russian charity under Romanov's patronage. The authors describes development of this charity. The article narrate about sources, traditions and experience of Russian charity under Romanov's patronage.

O.A.Efanova, E.A.Lavruhuna
Dominants of historical memory of Russians: knowledge, estimations and the attitude to Great Domestic war

Clause "Dominants of historical memory of Russians: knowledge, estimations and the attitude to Great Domestic war" offers results of studying of how remembers to consideration and estimates the Russian society Great Domestic war and the Victory over it after 60-years, what ideological, moral, social individual-psychological consequences of a present condition and tendencies of functioning of historical memory of Domestic war for the Russian society. The maintenance of clause concentrate in sphere of studying of knowledge and representations about Great Domestic war, its estimations, and also sources of knowledge and representations; Driving forces of the Victory, such as patriotism and heroism, factors of a victory, the modern attitude to winners, falsifications of military events that allows to define the current condition of national consciousness and historical memory, is an information basis for construction of a state policy and ideology in questions of consolidation of the nation and formation of patriotism, and also creation of ideological preconditions of adequate use of the spiritual capital of the Victory.

Activity of modern Russian authority in a mirror of a public opinion.

The purpose of article is reflection of a public opinion as social institute on activity of modern Russian authority. In given article the analysis of opinions and estimations of Russians on occuring events and the phenomena in social, political and economic spheres is submitted. Also in given article the questions concerning the attitude of Russians to activity of various imperous institutes, safety, to a choice of social and economic model of development of Russia are considered.


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