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J.O.Anokhina Musical quotations in the philosophical cinema of Andrey Tarkovsky

The films of Andrey Tarkovsky are full of allusions and quotations of any kind. And though most of them have already been registered and analyzed, musical quotations (fragments of classical and folk music used in his films) seem to attract no researchers' attention. The paper is aimed at correcting that mistake. It examines the use of musical quotations in two films of the Russian cinematographer: Solaris and The Mirror .

A.F.Losev Music and mathematics

Work " Music and mathematics " is published here for the first time under the manuscript from A.F.Losev's archive. Given clause was first attempt of the author to publish his musical-logic ideas.

O.J.Birichevskaya, V.I. Strelchenko Mass culture: ontological content and tendencies of conceptual evolution. Problems of the nature of mass culture as a social and historical phenomenon are analyzed in the article. Te concept of mass culture is investigated from the point of its ontological status and tendencies of its conceptual evolution.

V.A. Bachinin God and authority

Gogfears authority is nice to the religious right, recognizing the God it's main source. And though in conditions of the general process of secularization the sphere of it's competence can be narrowed, and imperativeness of instructions to decrease, but even under such circumstances it serves as the important help for a positive law and consequently secular authorities of the civilized states carrying to a Christian civilization, as a rule like the idea of union of moral, law and religion.

V.J.Voblikov Law Interpretation in the modern Russian Theory of Law


This article reflects the modern trends in studying the problem of Law interpretation and understanding. The main tendencies in the process of Law development and its understanding are presented here. The author pays attention to the problem of Integrative Law Interpretation and is of the opinion that the latter may be formed on the basis of Communicative approach.

N.V.Koksarov Memory, symbols, traditions, ritual

The article gives the role and significance of memory, monuments of culture, symbols, traditions, rituals an analysis the ethnocultural problems of society.

D.N .Obidyonniy The problem of being and non-being in the field of philosophical research

Problem of being and non-being is a very ancient one. The genesis and development of philosophy is closely related with the ontological interest that shows itself in the deepest basis of the thought inner structures and intentions whether they pursue classical or post-classical tradition.

The main topic and imminent aim of the article is to discover the common ontological base philosophy states upon: the interconnection of being and non-being (nothingness) as the principal categorical horizon that creates unrealized but inevitable field of philosophical research.

V.E.Semenkov Philosophy as ideology: about modi of ideological projection of philosophical knowledge Two modi of ideological projection of philosophy are considered in the article: The History and The Present.The History-modus supposes that the understanding of the present situation goes by entering it in historical context. The Present-modus does not suppose the appeal to the historical process. The author hold to the Present-modus as to the preferable modus of ideological projection of philosophical knowledge.

A.P.Fomin Semantic contents of culture and the problem of modernization

On the base of the analysis the author of the article gives the following definition: culture is a process of subject and symbolical interaction of society and nature, in the material and ideal forms and products of which the general human prominence and particular ethnical senses of social historical process is revealed.

This definition allows to solve a row of complex methodological problems such as: the dialectics of an individual and society; unity and variety of cultures; ethnic seperatism in the globalizing world; the special role of consciousness as an attribute of human being in the modern world. But the main thing in the author's opinion is that such interpretation of culture allows to study cultural dynamics in a more productive way and not to consider culture to be a factor detaining modernization.

V.N.Lukin, Musienko T.V. International Terrorism: Conceptualization Problem

The authors summerize some concepts and classifications of International Terrorism. The latter is defined as one of the main political problem of globalization making risks for international security and stability. Some positions in conceptualizing International Terrorism are compared (Bascaran M., Schulte P. etc).

V.N. Danshov, L.B. Sokolova Traditions of Cossacks as a means of spiritual and moral education

This article presents a pedagogical ideas on traditions as the means of spiritual and moral education. It gives an account of the traditions of the Cossacks of Southern Ural and their educational potential of a personality.

I.S.Saveljeva Problems of Moral of ”Mass Society” as seen through the Principles of Individualism and Love

The message of the paper is the problems of examining the state of moral of contemporary society. We analyze the cultural prerequisites of these days crisis of moral and the major tendencies of overcoming it.


M.M.Panov Innovative and Creative Managment in the Modern World

The author's assessment of the innovative standards of Creative Managment is based on the special investigation of such technologies. The author's recomendations and the description of effective algorithm developed for the purposes of realization of the standards with the help of complex modern information system are concrete and useful.


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