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E. A. Vitol

Scientific picture of the world and research of the future


V.G. Galushko

Comprehension of the Private world of the person in an ancient art and philosophies


A.S. Ivanenkova

Weights as carriers of mass consciousness


G.A. Kondratova

System and integrity: experience the analysis categorical


V.N. Lukin, A.V. Musienko

M. Zanini's Networking of Terror Model


S.V. Lyubichankovski

The government institute crisis and the peculiars of its clearing out



T.V. Musienko, T.N. Phedorova

I nternational Terrorism: Concepts and Models of Political Analysis


T.V. Naumenko

Values and their role in activity of a mass communication


V.V. Nikolin

Time in ritual


D.A. Olshansky

From Jakobson's Linguistics to Freud's Clinics: Metaphor and Metonymy in Psychotic Language


I.A. Pogodin

Peculiarities of clinical anthropology in postmodern


V.V. Semenov

The logic of Hegel and Plato


A.S. Stepanova

The phenomena history of philosophy and comparative philosophy


K.M. Tovbin

Ancient Orthodoxy as "counter-secular project "


K.G. Sheryazdanova

The Republic of Kazakhstan and globalization


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