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E.U. Baidarov

Problem of the dichotomy “West-East”, “East-West” in global studies


N.V. Beketov

Proliferation alternatives of scientific knowledge: economic space



Rrussian young people: modern domestically-marriage values and options


A.S. Kluev

The music in the field of psychoanalysis (to the history of question)


N.V. Koksharov

CULTURE: a bibliographic review in the English-speaking scientific literature

V.N. Lukin, T.V.Musienko

Modern Discurse of European Integration: Institutional and Cultural Aspects


A.V. Lyubichankovski

Classification of the cultural hereditary's objects


L.S. Nurbosinova

Sense of life: searches of possible decisions


A.E. Petrosyan

The evolution of management models. (The review of XX century and a forecast for XXI century)


S.V. Smyrnyh

Faith as Certainty of Truth


T.I. Suslova

Philosophical basis of aesthetics transition


K.G. Sheryazdanova

The present stage problem of national safety formation


M. M. Shumilov

Social consequences of globalization


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