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P. Bojanic
„The USA Has No Enemy Because It Has No Form /Gestalt/...“
Enemy, Animal and Animal Functions in Schmitt and Hegel

S.G. Ivanov
Existence’s problem and comprehension to histories

A.S. Kluev
The mechanism of music self-development

V.I. Krasikov
Violence and Evolution of Mind

M.V Loginova
Postmodern Discourse of Silence

V.N. Lukin, T.V.Musienko
P.Sztompka’s Model of Trust Culture: the profile of risks

A.O. Posazhennikova, N.V. Serov
Gender parity between levels of development and moral consciousness in the early youth

A.E. Petrosyan
The breath of times (How are possible viable new ideas)

V.E. Semenkov
M.Petrov on historical types of communication and corresponding forms of knowledge

S.V. Smyrnyh
Hegel’s Paradigm of Freedom

A.J. Solomein
Structural aporias an essay

«Ego cogito » as a principle of philosophy of R.Descartes

Myth consciousness and mentality origins versus pedagogics


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