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P.A. Bortnik 
Preconditions of the idea of the man in the philosophy of Ancient Greece of
the early period
In this article you can see the examination of the philosophy of Ancient Greece of the early period in the light of antrhropological problems. There is widely current view, that the philosophy of Ancient Greece of the early period is only the natural philosophy and remains in the natural limits. But then the thought about the original beginning (άρχή) could not arise in this philosophy, because άρχή does not come to any natural beginnings. So far as the thought about άρχή arose, άρχή should be over the nature. As a result of definition of the thought about άρχή early Greek philosophers come to the conclusion that άρχή finds its unity in the human soul. So the human soul appears as the single whole with the being and should determine this being from the being itself. And this is not the problem of nature of the soul already, it’s the problem of self-knowledge of the soul. In this process of self-knowledge the man should obey the divine law, wich is called Λόγος. The human soul does not the property of the man, because the main purpose of the soul is implementation of the reasonable plan of the arrangement of the universe.

I.I. Bulychev
Sex and Gender: Points of Divergence
Sex and gender are not identical phenomena. Their fates are different. Post-human civilization will turn to formation of non-sex subjects at the biotic, as well as at the non-biological substratum. 

L.A. Gorelikov, T.A. Lisicyna
Back into the future: the Russia project of the XXI century
 The succession problem of historical life in Russia and its prospects of development in the modern world is analyzed in this article. Here the historical contours of the “Russian idea” as an integral part of practical Russian society are illustrated and the opportunities of state-national self-consciousness development are determined. Also here the antinomic character of Russian mentality as an ethno-psychological substance of the whole Russian historical practice is underlined.

A.A. Grjakalov
Russian Cosmism and the Philosophy of the Event (Image – Project –  Event)             
The author considers “Russian Cosmism” in the interpretation space, which  is forms by the concepts “image”, “project” and “event”. The ideas of Russian Cosmism contain the thinking power, that allow to introduce theirs into the contemporary philosophical context. Russian Cosmism is studied in the space between the existence and project components, on the one side, the symbolic  and ontological ones, on the second.   

V.G. Ivanov, M.L. Lezgina
Transformation of Idea of Science in the History of the Last
The history of Science can by subdivided by four epochs: protoscience, prescience, the science of New Ages and contemporary science. These epochs are stages of revolution in science. First of all the science passes from systematizations of knowledge to permanent scientific search. Secondly the science develops from recognition of Absolut to progress of relative particular truths. Thirdly at last the science overcomes constant sense of  subjective – objective relations and gets variable conception of them.

A.N. Kozhaev
Comparative analysis
Of “The Science of Logic” by G.W.F. Hegel and of “The Design of Logic” by A.S. Lubkin in the context of contemporary problems of Logic
This article aims at comparative analysis of two “Logics”: that of the German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel and Russian philosopher A.S. Lubkin. Works under consideration were created in the 1-st quarter of 19-th century in Russia and Germany.
Special is paid to operations of abstraction by Hegel and Lubkin. Problem context of contemporary logical developments is marked out.

V. N. Lukin, M.J.Bunakov
Political Strategies to Combat the Risks of International Terrorism
 The aim of this article is to analize the main trends of political analysis of International Terrorism as a global security threat. Special attention is paid to the strategies designed by international community and its organizations and institutes. The advantages and faults of traditional instruments and mechanisms in the sphere of strengthening international security are presented here. The Traditional system of mechanisms is compared with the Modern system of standards and norms institutionalized for the purposes of International Legal Strategy of minimization of global risks

V.А. Lyubichankovski
Mutual relation evolution of the society and the nature
In this paper the author singles out the of mutual relation stages of the society and the nature. The comparative analysis of the anthropocentric and oecolocentric understanding of the oecological consciousness is done by the author.

T.V. Musienko, T.N. Fiodorova
Radical Fundamentalism and International Terrorist Organizations
 This article is distinguished by its emphasis on the problem of the threat of Militant Islamic Fundamentalism and its connection with the modern international terrorism. The evolution of islamic terrorist organizations is analyzed. Intensification of asymmetric threats of islamic and ethnic political movements and the risks of violence is considered to be the main reason of modern clivages in the world system of international relations.

M.M. Panov
Information Factors of the Perspective Financial Analysis
The author investigates the problem of perspective financial analysis and the main strategies of making it effective and qualitative valuable financial and economic information is seen as influential factor determining financial activity today.

Professional and institutional aspects of professional activities
In the article philosophical activity is examined as vocation and as profession. Author indicates the problem of intertextuality as a condition of philosophical practice proffesionalisation. Correlation of philosopher’s identity and philosophical practice is pointed out. Author examines (I need a synonym here but not “examine”) autonomy of a university as a guarantee of successful professional work of philosopher.

V.P. Troitskiy                   
Imyaslaviye and the theory of sets
(Attempt to reconstruct one interesting idea of A.F.Losev)
In this work we publish and comment in detail a small note from A.F.Losev’s archives (the first half of the 20th years) which interprets the mathematical theory of sets as a scientifically-analytical “level” of Imyaslaviya. The materials of classical monograph of I.I. Zhegalkin (1908) were also used here.

A. N. Сhanishev
Report about Tractatus on Non-Being at XX-th World Philosophical Congress (Boston, USA) on August 13, 1998


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