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P.A. Bortnik 
Preconditions of the idea of the man in the philosophy of Ancient Greece of
the early period

I.I. Bulychev
Sex and Gender: Points of Divergence

L.A. Gorelikov, T.A. Lisicyna
Back into the future: the Russia project of the XXI century

A.A. Grjakalov
Russian Cosmism and the Philosophy of the Event (Image – Project –  Event)             

V.G. Ivanov, M.L. Lezgina
Transformation of Idea of Science in the History of the Last

A.N. Kozhaev
Comparative analysis
Of “The Science of Logic” by G.W.F. Hegel and of “The Design of Logic” by A.S. Lubkin in the context of contemporary problems of Logic

V. N. Lukin, M.J.Bunakov
Political Strategies to Combat the Risks of International Terrorism

V.А. Lyubichankovski
Mutual relation evolution of the society and the nature

T.V. Musienko, T.N. Fiodorova
Radical Fundamentalism and International Terrorist Organizations

M.M. Panov
Information Factors of the Perspective Financial Analysis

Professional and institutional aspects of professional activities

V.P. Troitskiy                   
Imyaslaviye and the theory of sets
(Attempt to reconstruct one interesting idea of A.F.Losev)

A. N. Сhanishev
Report about Tractatus on Non-Being at XX-th World Philosophical Congress (Boston, USA) on August 13, 1998


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