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Krasikov V.I.

The idea of anthropological revolution

The article written by professor Krasikov covers the discussion of the idea of possibility and means for anthropological regeneration The starting point for this are the problems, initially set by F.Nietzshe in his treatise "The Will to the Power".

There is a substantiation of the point of view and in accordance with that the real subject of anthropological evolution is not different form of consciousness but individual human bodies. Unlinking of the thousand-year transcendental sphere of consciousness can happen through the vital changes in bodily human constitution.


Muhamadiev R. Sh.

"Hamlet" as a Tragedy of Christian Sacrificial Feat.

The article entitled "Hamlet" as a Tragedy of Christian Sacrificial Feat” is the first exhaustive interpretation which restores the genuine intention of William Shakespeare's great piece. This study also refutes the play as a tragedy of revenge, the idea that is prevalent until now. For the first time in the history of literary criticism it is proved that, along with the ancient Scandinavian saga of Amlet, Shakespeare had used two other sources, i.e., the Biblical legend of the Israeli judge Iaffe and his daughter, as well as the spiritual testament of John Shakespeare, the playwright's father. This fact allowed the author of the study to radically change the stereotype formed for centuries, and to prove that "Hamlet" is a tragedy of Christian sacrificial feat but not a tragedy of revenge, as it was commonly believe.


Nedorezov V.G.

Technical knowledge in the system of sciences.

Debates on the place of technical knowledge in the system of knowledge have a long history, both in domestic, and in the modern foreign literature. Technical Knowledge is traditionally interpreted, as applied. In accordance with the given standpoint, technical knowledge does not possess an independent status. In the technical knowledge are used usually not ready scientific knowledges, how much scientific method.


Gabdullin I. R.

The precomprehension as a category in the philosophical Hermeneutika.

The paper is concerned with one of the actual problems of the modern philosophy the problem of comprehension. The main idea of the text is that this problem is not gnoseologicical or apistemological one, but it has the ontological sense first of all. The author investigated some aspects of interaction consciously and unconsciously levels of the human psychology. Especially the author indicated the phenomenon of the prejudice.

Mishuchkov A.A.

The problem of spirituality and the peculiarities of the spiritual experience by I.A. Iliyn.

Mainly two works by Iliyn, the famous Russian philosopher are analyzed, that of "the ways of spiritual renoxation", 1935 and "The axioms of spiritual experience", 1953.

The problem of spirituality is considered and reflected on the ground of cristian philosophy on the ways of the formation of the spiritual experience of a human being through faith, love, freedom, conseience, patriotism and sense of justice. The true spiritual experience has the following leatures: deity, gracefulness, personal subjectivity, freedom, the possession of morality, catharsis and tragedy.

Smirnova N.V.

Structured-functional features of educational process

Pedagogical theory, not have own instruments of social theory development.

In this connection at most actual problem for the domestic social knowledge is a problem of social process, which allows to integrate a philosophical speculative theorizing, sociological theories of formation and social empiricist.


Lavruchina. E.A.

Social dependency of pedagogical activity

In this work analyze problem social order in adduction, writhed by professional teachers

Russia and oft other counters. In this article author try found internees counters, adduction and society.


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