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E.U. Baidarov 
Dehumanization of culture in the aspect of cultural (existential-cultural) globalistics

N.G. Butskaya 
The institutional factors of Russian consulting competitiveness

P.S. Gurevich
Masochism as an Anthropological Secret

V.J. Darenskiy 
“Codes” of knowledge and “codes” of authority: politic theory explications of M. K. Petrov’s ideas 

E.G. Matvievskaya 
Pedagogical measurement. Research experience and problems

T.V. Naumenko 
The conceptual analysis of a mass communication theory

V.V. Savchuk
How to Made Philosophy in Germany?

N.V. Serov 
Model of the person and XXI century

S.V. Smyrnyh 
The academic aspect of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind

A.Y. Solomein, I.Y. Nikolaeva, O.N. Muhin  
Psycho-Social and Cultural Symbol of Authority Mythologems: 
Comparative-Historical Contex of their Occurence

E.M. Spirova 
The Phenomenon of Narcissism in Psychoanalysis

A.V.Savchenko, T.I. Suslova 
Philosophic and antropological bases of Internet-folklore as a form of communication
  The world as « the native house of human life » in Antiquity


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