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V.J. Voblikov

The main trends of reconstruction «Civil Society» definition in second part of XX – beginning of XXI centuries: theoretical accesses


V.A. Volkovynskaya 

Truth and being in forming of the un-correspondental ontology


D.G. Dabrarodni

Psychoanalysis as a methodological project in social and humanitarian knowledge


A.A. Kodar, Z.M. Kodar

A gender subject is in christian and islam traditions: point of divergence


V.I. Krasikov 

Russian Identity and Rationality as the Sense Focus of an Opposition between Universalism and Particularism in Home Philosophy. 


V.F. Krivushina
“Organic critics”  by Apollon Grigoriev and polyphony of F.M. Dostoevsky


V.I. Kudashov

University Transformation of Philosophy: History and Prospects


E.V. Ledeneva

“Phenomenology of the internal consciousness of time” in the historic-philosophical context (commentary to work E. Husserl).


V.I. Medvedev

Sociology of Knowledge: Science or Hermeneutics?


A.E. Petrossyan  

From end to means (Problems an their solution)


A.U.Pidjakov, F.N. Reshezkiy, Sh.B. Bajramov

Political Violence Typology


S.A. Povarnitsyn

On the causes of evalution  of the death reception


I.S. Saveljeva

Myth and its impact on weltanschauung and culture: reminiscences of the future


M.A. Stepanov

From Anti-Edipus  to Anti-Narcissus. An alternative discourse in  the humanities


E.M. Usmanov 

Interrelation of the world policy and preservation of the environment


I.B. Chubais

Whether there is a social science in Russia and why we do not understand our own country


K.G. Sheryazdanova 

The judicial nature of diplomatic activity







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