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E.U. Baidarov 

Role of technics in the cultural-civilizational development of society (in the aspect of evolutional-determinist globalistics)


N.Z. Brosova 

«The Question of God» in Martin Heidegger's Philosophy in the Thirties


V.I. Gulyakhin

Psychogenic Factors of Political and Juridical Human Behavior


I.I. Kalnoy

The Man and His Metaphysics


A.A. Kovalenok 

The substance of soul and its meaning in Plotin`s ontology and anthropology


A.V. Kostrikin

Student's revolution of 1899: 110 years after


I.V. Krainjuchenko, V.P. Popov 

From Difficult to Simple. Order from the Order


D.A. Misyurov

Social Development and Combinations of Symbolical Modelling

S. A.Nazarova 
Pilosophy of language as the key to understanding of being in the historical retrospective show

D.A. Olshansky 

Game and Optics of the Subject: From Freud to Derrida


I.A. Pogodin 

About time, space and person: philosophical aspects of experience


S.N. Pozdnjakov

The phenomenon of rationalization of the human soul in early Greek Philosophy


V.P. Popov,  I.V. Krainjuchenko

From Difficult to Simple. Order from the Order


V.E. Semenkov

Legal aspect of evolution of a family-demographic policy of the Russian Federation


S. V. Smyrnyh 

Self-сonsciousness as the principle of reason and freedom


L.A. Solomeina 

The problems of history and culture in the A.F. Losev’s work



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