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The Meaning of N.Kuzanskiy's Ideas for the Formationof  Contemporary World View

S.P. Ivanenkov

The journal on the eve of new decade of XXI century


S.N. Kocherov

Russian idea as the subject of philosophical analysis:to the question of the ecessity of the philosophy of ideas


A.F. Losev

Platonism and Kantianism


V.I. Moiseev

About Philosophical Logic ofA.F.Losev: operator approach


O.A. Naumenko

Valuableorientations of the environmentalism


D.A. Olshansky

Jouissance in Speech: Destruction of the Discourse in the Psychoses


N.S. Rozov

Against the Attributive Reductionism: Irreducibilityof Epistemic Rationality and Incommensurability of Values


E.A. Savelieva

ThePeculiarities of Organization of Optional Courses in Arts for the Schools


V.V. Savchuk

The optics ofclassical reflection



Strategies, conditions andmodus   public recognition of  philosophic knowledge


P.I. Smirnov

The Term“Society” in Contemporary Sociology: The Problem of Logically CorrectDefinition


S.V. Fomina

Including ofthe Adolescents into Alternative Kinds of Activities in the Process ofFormation of Educational Success


I.A. Khodirev

Art, Philosophy and Critics in the Renaissance ofMeta-Narrations



Renaissance in history: concerning the problem of research ofRenaissance


K. G. Sheryazdanova

Sources Of the terrorism and religious extremism incentral Asian region 




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