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The Meaning of N.Kuzanskiy'sIdeas for the Formation of  ContemporaryWorld View

            Inspite of the theological form philosophical doctrine of N. Kuzanskiy  paradoxically and contradictly reflectsintegral formation of objects of the  matterand the mind. Contemplation, feeling, imargination, intellect are four stagesof human mind formation that philosopher pays his special attention at. Basedupon N. Kuzanskiy's  integral conceptthere formed an integral approach not only for his personal philosophicalheritage but for comprehension in creating the integral world view.


S.P.Ivanenkov  The journal on the eve of newdecade of XXI century



Russianidea as the subject of philosophical analysis: to the question of the ecessity ofthe philosophy of ideas

              Arguments of those critics of the Russianidea, who disclaims scientific-philosophical status of this conception, areexamined in this article. In the end, the author comes to the conclusion thatmodern philosophy doesn’t pay proper attention to studying the nature of ideas,their place and role in reality, their types and mutual connection and theirbeing conditional upon historical, social, cultural and personal aspects. Inthe author’s opinion, the theory of ideas might become the philosophical studywhich is most likely to give the scientific analysis, particularly of Russianidea and other civilized ideas.


A.F. Losev

Platonism and Kantianism

The title of the article has been lost andreconstructed according to contents of the text.
In inrtoduction the author has completed theexplanation of the basic principles of
classification of philosophical knowledge; and nowhe turnes to characteristics of concrete
ontologies and gives comparative-typologicalcharacteristics. In particular, he compares
Platonism and Kant's system, and in attachmentattract Hegel's system.


V.I. Moiseev

About Philosophical Logic of A.F.Losev: operator approach

The paper is devoted to the interpretation of Losev`sphilosophical logic by means of Projectively Modal Ontology. The concepts ofLosev`s “tetractide” and “pentade” are investigated, some interpretations withprojectively modal operators are offered to represent basic constructions ofLosev`s dialectics.



Valuable orientations of theenvironmentalism

The scale deepening of ecological crisis to the beginning of XXIcentury demands the new approach to a problem of formation of a new paradigm inecological consciousness of the person and a society. Today all speak about thenew environmental paradigm (NEP) is more often. The basis of this paradigm ismade with philosophy of the environmentalism, generated to middle of XXth  century. Environmental concepts in a modernscience are characterized, first of all, by the radical valuable orientations,and also moral and religious aspects. The environmentalism is, first of all,general-theoretical and world outlook orientation in which center of attentionthere is an interaction of social formations with environment of theirdwelling, shown in various spheres of theorityzing, such as the sociology,philosophy, the right, ethics, an aesthetics, etc. Also under theenvironmentalism is understood movement for quality of an inhabitancy. Withinthe limits of sociology the environmentalism represents the discipline usingthe socially-ecological approach and limiting with its frameworks of localcommunity with environment surrounding it.


D.A. Olshansky

Jouissance in Speech: Destruction of the Discourse inthe Psychoses

There isno representation of the subject in the psychosis, because patient meets hisenjoyment (jouissance)immediately: psychotic signifier not represents, but demonstrates an object.Therefore the psychotic subject remains in objective language only and does notfind his own subjective dimension into it, he has no speech. According to J.Lacan, in the psychotic language we deal not with signification and appearanceof meaning in speech, but with the speech-being (parlêtre), from which the subject has been excluded.Therefore Lacan concludes that the psychosis foreclosures the borders of thesubject at all.


 N.S. Rozov

 Against the Attributive Reductionism:Irreducibility of Epistemic Rationality and Incommensurability of Values

            Two styles of thinking areallocated: attributive reification  andconstructive operationalization. It is shown that the first one is inherent inclassical metaphysics and modern analytical philosophy/ It includes selectionof abstract qualities, i.e. attributes, their investment by essence(reification), detection of inevitable difficulties and paradoxes, attempts oftheir overcoming, often through reductionism. The corresponding criticism ofinstrumental concept of epistemic rationality, as well as criticism of attemptsto replace cognitive purposes by practical ones are conducted.


E. A. Savelieva

The Peculiarities of Organization of Optional Courses inArts for the Schools

Characteristics of organization extraeducational activity and extra educational graphic activity are considered.Organization of extra educational graphic activity in the gymnasium № 64, Ufa,Bashkortostan, using national and regional components as an example.


V.V. Savchuk

The optics of classical reflection

Thearticle deals with the beginning of new time period in the treatment of reflectionand it’s relationship with optical metaphors. The definition of reflection asthe action pointed at subjective reality is presented. The event of reflexingsubject is not identical with being and on the contrary reflected being doesn’tcoincide with the event of the reflection act which is always lasting anddeveloping. The inventory results of the classical philosophy’s opticalmetaphoric system are presented.



Strategies, conditions and modus  public recognition of  philosophicknowledge

The problem of getting public recognition of modernprofessional philosophers is discussed in the work. The author uses Bourdieu'sconception of two fields of symbolical production as basic methodology. Themoduses of recognition in modern native philosophy are considered trough thenotions of identity and authenticity of philosophic knowledge.  The author comes to the conclusion that thereligious matters are mostly required in modern culture of philosophic expertise.


P.I. Smirnov

The Term “Society” inContemporary Sociology: The Problem of Logically Correct Definition

Inarticle the author pay attention to the crisis of contemporary society, whichthreaten to the existence of the humankind. He underlines the necessity ofsociology as a theoretical science to overcome that crisis. He argues thatfirst task is the elaboration of logically correct definition of the “society”,and proposes the ways and examples of correct definition of that term.


S.V. Fomina

Including of the Adolescents intoAlternative Kinds of Activities in the Process of Formation of EducationalSuccess 

Thearticle argues pedagogical demands of effective formation of educationalsuccess of the adolescents, in particular, including him into alternative kindsof activities , and describe the meta-disciplinaty programs.


I.A. Khodirev

Art,Philosophy and Critics in the Renaissance of Meta-Narrations

The spaceof contemporary culture is heterogeneous not only in content but also in theform of reflection. There are different strategies of discourse operating in aculture, which generate not identical and often disparate interpretations ofprocesses and phenomena occurring in it. These strategies are created betweenthe two poles - an abstract power, depersonalized instance, which limits theproduction and consumption of symbolic sequences, and the art, which removesany restrictions posed by the authorities. The late twentieth century inintellectual life was characterized by significant dominance of discoursesgenerated near the poles of art. The beginning of the twenty-first shows thecorrective dynamics and progressive ordering of symbolic chains, expressed, forexample, in the new circuit of social reality mythization and the revival ofinterest in the meta-stories, seemingly abandoned in the past. In this article,the author tries to answer questions about how to understand art, philosophyand criticism today, their place in the modern picture of the existentialreality, as well as the possible risk that accompanies the changes taking placebefore our eyes.



Renaissance in history: concerning theproblem of research of Renaissance

Renaissance is themost discrepant and ambiguous epoch in European history. It was a period whenmodern thinking and humanity were formed. The variety of researches devoted tothis period testifies its urgency for modern science as well as profoundproblem connected with its basic indefinability. This article represents anattempt to analyze the rise of the Renaissance problem in historical sciences,as well as methods and approaches to its resolution. The purpose is to definebasic indefinability of Renaissance through the inner changes which haveoccurred to the man of that epoch and also to show urgencies of the Renaissancefor modern researches of humane nature and ways of its furtherdevelopment.  


K.G. Sheryazdanova

SourcesOf the terrorism and religious extremism in central Asian region 

Totality of certainhistorical, geopolitical, economic, socially cultural factors explainssubjection and vulnerability of five states of the region – Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan to terrorist threat.

In spite of efforts ofthe region’s states directed to consolidation of state borders, they remaintransparent for such transnational threats as international terrorism,religious extremism and ethnic separatism, illegal turnover of drugs andweapons, illegal migration.

Availability of common enemy in the person ofinternational terrorism, solidarity of objectives directed to liquidation ofterrorism, separatism and religious extremism smoothed contradictions existingin the region and between force centers that, finally, resulted in those rapidchanges in the sphere of the security provision.        




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