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L. A. Gorelikov Russian world in paradigm of the sphere reasonable existence of global society

 A.A. Gryakalov. A phenomenon of the "lost time": dramatization of modernity (Notes about the metaphysics of time in Anton Chekhov's works).

O.A. Efanova,S.P. IvanenkovSome Results of Investigation of the Cultural Demands of Youth in Contemporary Russia

E. S. Kalinichenko Social and philosophical aspects suiside

I.I. Каlnoy The Heirs by Reason and Misunderstanding: Myth and Reality

K.A. Kuxo The real anatomy (the essay of genesis of medicamentous body’s model).

E.V. Ledeneva «Man a Machine» (between La Mettrie and Descartes). 

e.v. Li Intuition as a way of self-knowledge in east concepts

D.A. Makarovskiy Synthetic strategies of social control in the context of problems civilizational security Russian Federation

V.I. Moiseev To philosophy and mathematics of R-analysis. Part 1

Periklis Pavlidis Education in the Context of the Main Tendencies of Social Development

D.V.Petrov  Experience Lacan (a variant of philosophical reading)

A. E. Petrosyan Another face of Janus(The nature of leadership and its relation to management) First article A critique of the prevalent approaches

S.N. Pozdnjakov  Plato and Eleusinian mysteries

P.I. Smirnov Action as a Form of Human Activity. Specific of Human Activity

S.V..Smyrnyh Anomie of the Antinomies


V.T.Cheshko,  Yu.V.Kosova Social verification  (human dimensons of theoretical science and high-tech)



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